Driving Lessons Twickenham

Famous as the home of Rugby Football, Twickenham can be found between Richmond and Whitton and is an ideal place to start your driving lessons.

Bordered by the Thames to its east, the town becomes embroiled in the merging of several major routes from the south and west. From Kingston and Hampton Court, the routes north and south can become severely congested. From the west are the A316 and the A30. The Rugby Stadium overlooks the A316 at the junction with Whitton Road and is another source of excess traffic leading to hold ups and congestion. Among the mayhem driving instructors in Twickenham have is to find somewhere to teach new drivers.

It’s your first driving lesson, where to go? The first driving lesson should not be a problem. Most of the time this will involve introducing the controls of the car and before finishing the lesson, moving off and stopping. A straight road with no or few parked cars is ideal as it allows you to focus on the controls of the car and not about other road users.

There are possibilities around Wellesley Road, Strawberry Hill. Then there is Meadway and Lincoln Avenue tucked in by the A316 Chertsey Road. The roads behind Richmond College, Craneford Way and Egerton Road are limited (by too many students walking to and from the college!). These two roads can be used for manoeuvres though.

If travelling to a “nursery” site is not a problem, then there are routes in Hampton which can be used. I am thinking of Hanworth Road, Buckingham Road and Oak Avenue. There is also the possibility of Ham but it is quite a long run to get there and back within the timescale of a lesson.

Practising for your driving test

As the student develops tuition can expand to include main routes like Hampton Road from the Green, Waldegrave Road by St Mary’s College and Staines Road towards Apex Corner, the main A316/312 intersection.

The places already mentioned can be used for introducing manoeuvres and further developing junctions. There are roundabouts of all types in the locality and instructors will have no problem finding quieter roundabouts up to mega roundabouts (like Apex Corner or London Road roundabout which leads to Isleworth from the A316).

The nearest test centre is Isleworth which is situated in the grounds of Worton Hall. The entrance to Worton Hall is in Worton Road. A narrow two way access path.

Isleworth test routes do include the A316 dual carriageway which is a two lane carriageway each way with a speed limit of 40mph locally. The speed limit increases to 50mph at the Apex Corner fly-over. The A316 is broken up by the Hospital Bridge roundabout at Whitton. There are three further roundabouts heading towards London, Whitton Road roundabout, London Road roundabout and St Margarets roundabout. All are controlled by traffic lights except the London Road roundabout. The traffic lights may help traffic congestion but it can be challenging for the new driver turning right and returning to the left lane to exit the junction when the lights on the roundabout are red. The red light stops the natural flow of the traffic.

What we offer

  • Pass Plus
  • Day, night and all weather driving
  • Motorway lessons
  • Hazard and theory tuition
  • Refresher lessons
  • Intensive courses
  • Complete driving lesson according to DSA outline
  • Friendly driving instructors
  • No car sharing
  • Free local pick-up
  • DSA approved learning material
  • Thorough practise of driving during all lessons
  • Taste of all type of road conditions and layouts during learning.


Each of our driving instructors are fully qualified and DSA approved. We want to ensure that you learn to drive in a fun, cooperative, friendly and relaxed environment so that you can improve your driving skills and develop good driving habits that will last you a life time. We want you to pass quickly but more importantly we want you to become a good driver and a confident one, too.

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We provide a range of driving courses in Twickenham and the surrounding areas. Each of your lessons are designed to help you progress quickly and become and safe and proficient driver.

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