Driving Lessons in Richmond, TW9

We are a recommended Richmond driving school established over 12 years offering good quality driving tuition. Our driving instructors are registered with the Driving Standards Agency and are also members of the Driving Instructors Association. Our driving instructor in Richmond is very familiar with the local roads and those around the Isleworth test centre.

Richmond lies between London and Heathrow and is on a direct flight path to the airport. It is serviced from the west by the A316 into Central London. To the south is Kingston-Upon-Thames. North takes you to Isleworth, where the nearest test centre is located.

First lesson

Perhaps a trip to Ham for the initial Richmond driving lesson, as the roads there are quiet relative to Richmond. Riverside Drive is particularly wide and there a very few parked cars, so this road would be the ideal place for Richmond driver training to start.

Kings Road which runs parallel with Queens Road has possibilities as a quieter location. There are a couple of roads for junction practise, and as the new pupil gets more confident emerging on to Queens Road, this can help develop a circuit. This area is good for introducing hill exercises and Denbigh Gardens is wide enough and quiet enough to explain and introduce the turn in the road.

As for meeting traffic in narrow roads – take your pick. Most roads in Richmond are very limited with parked cars everywhere. A more appropriate area might be behind Sheen between Upper Richmond Road and Richmond Park. From Hertford Avenue the Richmond driving instructor can work out a route towards Richmond Park and crossing via Fife Road lead back down to Sheen Road. Lots of humps, junctions, narrow roads and parked cars with a regular flow of local traffic, will all be a constant challenge to the Richmond Driving School and pupil. There are one or two corners available for the reverse to the left, subject of course to no parked cars restricting the corner. Fife Road and Parkgate are ideal for the turn in the road manoeuvre.

The other side of Upper Richmond Road offers Tangier Road which widens where it is closed off from the main Clifford Road. There are spaces here for the parallel park, but not much else. Too many parked cars for the reverse to the left or the turn in the road, unless the Driving School in Richmond picks the right day.

There are a number of roundabouts in the area from mini roundabouts to the more serious ones on the A316. None are easy for the subject initially and again it might be better to find another location to cover this task

Manor Road is a busy extension of Queens Road and is a direct link to the A316 or northwards to Kew Gardens and Kew Bridge. The traffic flow is constantly interrupted by a level crossing for the main rail route from London to the southwest via Richmond. It is a good place for Richmond driver training to include level crossings as you can almost be guaranteed to be stuck there for a time, allowing plenty of time to explain the topic. From Manor Circus roundabout the Richmond driving lesson can continue to Sandycombe Road which gets quite narrow with parked cars and oncoming vehicles.

Manor Circus roundabout provides the access here to the A316 and turning left at the roundabout will take you to Richmond Circus, a gyratory system for separating traffic to Richmond, Kew and ahead to the southwest.

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