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Learning to drive and getting your driving license is a significant moment in everyones life and especially for anyone with a driving phobia. It not only signifies freedom to explore the world on your own but also makes people more responsible. With driving lessons in Carshalton from Hamilton driving school it becomes very easy to learn this important skill. We not only teach you the rules to be followed on the road but also help you learn to keep our roads safe for everyone.

With the rapid changes in the driving industry and the ever-changing technology, it is highly advisable to go to a reliable driving school before attempting to get your driver’s license. Hamilton driving school provides the best driving lessons with an extensive training on the traffic regulations and strict road safety rules.

If you are beginning to drive and looking for a qualified and experienced driving school in Carshalton with the best driving instructors, we can help. We provide customised solutions for all your needs. Our driving instructors are registered with the driving standards agency (DSA). We have a dedicated team of driving instructors and thoroughly plan our driving lessons to help you learn to drive fast - with minimum fuss and hassle. Our driving instructors make the process fun and safe for all of our learners. We are pioneers in providing the customised driving lessons with some of the best driving instructors in Carshalton and the local areas.

What makes us different?

Hamilton driving school is an independent, fully qualified and approved agency with highly qualified and skilled driving instructors. All our lessons are with approved driving instructors only to maintain high standards and safety. We believe in investing in high-quality, specialist training for our instructors to continuously improve the professional development and their performance as instructors.


Around Carshalton

Carshalton is a bottleneck with traffic converging from Sutton to the West, Coulsdon to the south, Wallington and Croydon to the east and Morden and Mitcham to the north. In spite of this there are places for our instructors to find suitable locations for their new drivers. The best areas are to the south, where the residential properties tend to be bigger with large driveways and fewer cars parked roadside leaving the roads more open.

Leaving Sutton by Cedar Road and dropping south towards Carshalton Beeches via Langley Park Road brings you to The Highway and its adjacent roads. The Highway is excellent for that first driving lesson. There are very few parked cars and it is a quiet residential road with a gentle sweeping bend. This helps your instructor to teach steering with the push/pull method required for the driving test.

Driving manoeuvres

These roads are very useful for teaching manoeuvres. as part of your driving tuition. The Causeway has a clear open junction which is ideal for introducing reversing round a corner.

We make sure that you are thoroughly proficient in all of the required manoeuvres that you will need when out on the road but may also be part of your driving test. Three-point turns, parallel parking and hill starts are necessary skills but something that often do not get practised enough. This often means that you can pass your driving test but when under pressure driving in the 'real world', you can make mistakes. We ensure that you are fully proficient and confident in your own skills.

As the new driver gains confidence and gets better at turning left, right and emerging out of side roads, the time will come for the Carshalton Driving School to develop in to more demanding roads. Banstead Road and South Banstead Road lead towards the right turn at Staplehurst Road, which leads in turn to Stanley Park Road and Wallington. There are some great hills on this route especially crossing Woodmansterne Road and Beeches Avenue.

Warnham Court Road is a useful little circuit but the roads do get narrow with parked cars. These couple of roads lead to Sussex Road which offers the challenge of emerging uphill with an open junction allowing the new driver to decide early if it is safe to emerge. Second gear may be okay for turning on to Crichton Road if clear, in spite of the uphill gradient.

From the roundabout on Stanley Park Road you can turn right on to the south side of Boundary Road. The roads are quiet but narrow. There are some parked cars but not enough to lose the advantage of these quiet roads with gentle gradients and mini roundabout junctions. The local driving instructor in Carshalton will find two bends at the top of Boundary Road where Briar Lane leads back downhill via Pine Ridge. On the left is Cranfield Road East where there is a sharp left hand corner ideal for practising the reverse to the left.

Coming back over Stanley Park Road is a staggered junction to Anglesey Gardens. Left at the end leads to Woodfield Avenue. This runs adjacent to Stanley Park Recreation Ground and with parked cars on the left it is just a single lane back up to Stanley Park Road. If instructors want a really narrow road though, they usually look no further than Brookside which runs parallel to the High Street; just a few inches clearance from door mirrors on either side.

The High Street by Acre Lane has the Charles Cryer Studio Theatre as one of its main attributes. There is an interesting junction off North Street for learner drivers. This is where Butter Hill meets Mill Lane. As the driver approaches Mill Lane from Butter Hill, the road narrows to one lane and there is priority for any vehicle turning in to Butter Hill from the main road. New drivers should approach with caution.

North Street leads to Green Wrythe Lane which has many local side roads to practise in. The roundabout at Middleton Road leads to Morden to the west and Beddington to the east. Wrythe Lane takes you past St Helier Hospital to the Rose Hill roundabout between Sutton and Morden.

Test centres servicing the area are at Sutton and Wallington.

More information

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