Driving Lessons in Sutton, SM1

Established over 12 years we are recommended by many of our pupils even before they pass the driving test. Our driving instructors are all registered with the Driving Standards Agency and are members of the Driving Instructors Association. As a driving school covering Sutton we offer good quality driving tuition. Our driving instructor in Sutton is very familiar with the local roads and those around the Sutton test centre.

Sutton lies between Worcester Park and Ewell to the east and Carshalton to the west. Morden lies to the north and Banstead is directly south. It is a busy commuter area with a major shopping centre between St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way. In spite of the amount of traffic in the area Driving Schools in Sutton are spoilt for good places to take their aspiring young drivers. Belmont, Cheam and North Cheam offer suitable areas and also fall within the boundaries of Sutton.

To the south towards Belmont and the roundabout between Brighton Road and Belmont Rise there are some long straight roads ideal for local driving instructors in Sutton to begin the basics of moving away, stopping and practising clutch control. Beresford road and Cornwall Road are cut off from access to the main Belmont Rise route and with few parked cars the location could not be bettered for the first introduction to learn to drive in Sutton.

When the Sutton Driving Schools introduce manoeuvres into the programme these same roads can be used for the turn in the road, though Cornwall Road has a steeper camber and needs good clutch control for a successful exercise. Both roads are great for the emergency stop. The parallel park can be covered here and there are some corners within this area where double yellow lines keep corners free of parked cars and the reverse to the left can be accomplished.

Junction Practise

There are various junctions between Mulgrave Road and Grange Road for learning how to turn left, right and emerge and as the skills develop, there is a natural run through to the Sutton One Way system which can be used briefly, to come along Cheam Road past the Secombe Theatre and return to the same area.

Driving from Gander Green Lane into York Road and crossing Cheam Road used to be difficult with continuous traffic flow but since the introduction of a mini roundabout at this location it has become much easier to cross the main route out of Sutton. Once you’ve crossed Cheam Road via the mini roundabout into York Road, there is an uphill “Stop” junction for Sutton driving instructors where it meets Grove Road. The next problem is a bridge under the Cheam railway line where the road narrows to one lane. There are no priority road markings or signs so the new driver must be prepared to give way to anything from the opposite direction. After the Mulgrave Road give way junction there is the quieter Grange Road mini roundabout. Just beyond this York Road splits with Holland Avenue and here, there is a very good place to practise a sharp reverse to the left in to Sackville Road, a dead end but with lots of passing cars and ideal for Sutton driving tuition.

As the Sutton driving lessons develop, the routes can too. The one way system starts from Sutton railway station and goes down St Nicholas Way where it turns and comes back up Throwley Way, from here you can pick up the route to Carshalton and Croydon or travel south to Banstead and join the A217. The intersection of Brighton Road and Belmont Rise is a 3-way roundabout leading to the next stretch of road, a dual carriageway, which has been reduced to 60mph from the national speed limit. It is known locally as “the mad mile” as it runs for about a mile to the traffic light junction with Fir Tree Road.

Just north of the one way system in the High Street is St Helens House. Here you will find the Sutton test centre. Test candidates are advised to park at the back in Lewis Road which is metered, so some change will be needed. The roads here can take you towards Carshalton via Erskine Road or Westmead Road. Benhill Road takes you north to All Saints Road which in turn takes you back to Angel Hill and the High Street, crossing awkwardly towards Sutton Common Road and Stonecot Hill.

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