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'When I first started I was extremely anxious/nervous from being with a different company prior, but with the help from my instructor Judith, I have managed to pass first time. I couldn't have done it without her.'

Amy Ross, September 2017

'When I first met Reginald he showed me respect and gave me the confidence I needed very quickly. He learnt how I learn and adapted his teaching style to suit me. I recommended him to a few friends and will continue to do so.'

Jarod Lemar, September 2017

"I just passed first time I would recommend Lipon is a very good instructor and friendly guy."

"I was recommended Lipon as a driving instructor by a friend of mine who was a former student and spoke highly of him, he surpassed and exceeded all expectations and helped me pass my test after previously failing."

Matthew Sealey, September 2017

"Lipon is an amazing observer, his knowledge and the way he explains plus motivates is superb. I had to wait to get his dates but the wait is all worth it. Highly recommend and thank you very much Lipon. Best wishes to you."

Zack Mazhar, September 2017

"Lipon is a very good instructor. He taught me very well and taught me everything I needed for the test. He is amazing at his job. I would highly recommend Lipon."

George Amphlett, September 2017

"I just passed 1st time with Lipon he was recommended to me by a friend and he live up to the expectation highly recommended."

Altin Myrta, August 2017

'We can't thank Benn and Hamilton Driving School enough for teaching our son to drive. Ben and the school have been amazing!'

Bob Gruber, August 2017

'Lipon is a very calm and good instructor which made learning to drive a very enjoyable and stress free experience. He teaches everything in a logical way and I would definitely recommend him to other learners.'

Eleanor Thompson, August 2017

'Lipon is a very good instructor I like the way he teaches you to be a good and safe driver and not just so u pass the test highly recommended'

Aliza Ashraf, August 2017

'Just passed my driving test on the first go. Thanks Lipon for all the patience and tips to make this possible! 10/10 overall experience!'

Veronica, August 2017

'Lipon his a great instructor he is very patient he though my whole family.I will highly recommend him.'

Katarzyna, August 2017

'Thanks lipon for all your help in getting me passed first time!!!'

Laura Jeacock, August 2017

'Always a blast driving with Lipon but strict when he needs to be. Thank you!'

Emily Phillips, July 2017

"I passed today first time - my instructer was Mike. Cannot recommend Mike enough. Always on time every lesson, is very patient and calm. A very experienced Instructor who took me from a very poor driver to a first time pass!"

James McGrath, July 2017

"Lipon has helped me very much throughout the last few months, I'm really glad I have had him as he has been reliable and taught me very well. I would recommend him to others."

Elia Waymouth, July 2017

"Passed my test today, first time, and I couldn't be happier. I think Neil might hold the record for being the calmest person on the planet. I was terribly nervous about learning to drive, quite phobic to the point of putting it off for 27 years, but Neil put me at my ease incredibly quickly. I actually looked forward to my driving lessons each week because of him. Many thanks to Ben for matching me to such a good instructor."

Philip, July 2017

"I passed my test today second time . Lipon has been patient with me in ironing in out my bad habits . I would recommend him to others like he was recommended to me."

Jade Smith, July 2017

"I have just passed my driving test first time, I was recommend Lipon by a friend and he has been great, he is a reliable driving instructor and I would defiantly recommend Lipon to my friends."

Gabby McCabe, July 2017

"I've recently been learning to drive with Mike Walsh and I've just passed my test today first time! I'd just like to say the learning experience was great and enjoyable and at a good pace that is solid for me. I'm very pleased with my experience, thank you!"

Matthew Barnett, July 2017

"I passed my theory first time and passed my practical first time. Lipon is a fantastic teacher. I was so confident when taking both tests and hardly felt worried. I would recommend Lipon to anyone that wants to be a great driver in the future!"

Shawn Adams, June 2017

"Benn Thank you so much for all your time and patience in helping me to learn to drive and pass, I really appreciate it. Also for rebuilding my confidence after my old instructor ruined it. Thank you so much again"

Bethany Gray, June 2017

"Lipon has helped me achieve passing my drivers test on my first attempt. He has been incredibly patient with me and given me loads of encouragement along the way. Couldn't recommend him more!"

Victoria Mayson, June 2017

"Lipon is a great driving instructor, he's an obvious experienced and knowledgable driver that was fun to learn with as well."

Bethany Chapman, June 2017

"Thanks lipon for getting me through all these lessons and finally the test, couldn't have done it without you."

Luke Tiniswood, May 2017

"Thanks a lot! Very pleased :)

Judith was an extremely thorough and knowledgable teacher. She taught everything in a very clear way and helped me through quite extreme nerves! She was always punctual and clear with bookings, payments etc. Very thankful to her for everything."

Alexandra Lewis, May 2017

"Thanks lipon for getting me to pass first time, he is very reliable and knowledgeable. We had great conversations and he was friendly and easy to talk to. He made me feel very calm and was always patient regardless of how many times I nearly hit your front left alloy. Thank you!!!"

Sarah Jones, May 2017

"Having used various driving schools and instructors I have to say that Mike from Hamilton driving school was by far the best. His patience and support was outstanding and motivated me to reach my goal and pass my test! I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to learn to drive."

Rhian Crane, May 2017

"Very happy customer,chose Hamilton as they had the best reviews glad i did as i passed today first time! Thank you mat... happy days!"

Student, May 2017

"Hi there, can't still believe that I passed the driving test at first attempt!! And that too without any previous driving experience!! All credits to Mr. Lipon for being so patient and kind even after hundreds of hitting the kerb and wrong turns. Thank you for keeping with my pace and helping me Lipon, You are the best. May you have so many more first time passes in the future! Thanks a ton!!"

Krish Krisnan, April 2017

"Hey I just passed my test and Lipon was my instructor. I passed on my first attempt. He is very friendly and I recommend him 100%."

Muhammad Faizan, March 2017

"I would just like to say that mike has been a great instructor who has always been patient and reliable throughout and I would highly recommend him."

Scott Norman, March 2017

"I had been with a few instructors before Lipon but none of them made me feel secure and confident like Lipon. He helped me to overcome my nerves and supported me through the whole process professionally. I could not recommend him enough and have already to many people. Thank you so much Lipon!"

Rachel Caitlin, March 2017

"I really enjoyed learning with julian, would definitely recommend him to any potential learner driver, he was very helpful in giving specific and general tips for driving, it was also very enjoyable because he was always very cheerful and funny, taking some of the stress of when first starting driving. Thanks."

Cameron, March 2017

"Would not have passed thanks to Lipon's excellent driving experience and knowledge always on time would highly recommend to all that wants to learn to drive."

Joe Achenbach, March 2017

"I just passed my driving test today with Mike. I just wanted to say thank you very much and I'm so grateful for everything Mike has done for me. He's been absolutely fantastic and I'm so happy I've done it! Thanks again for everything! :)"

Lewis Rose-Matthews, March 2017

"Andrew is a calm and considerate instructor. He varied the lessons to suit my confidence each day and I passed my test within a few months. Needless to say I'm over the moon considering this was my first test attempt. It was a huge challenge for me at the age of 48! Andrew was good company on our drives and all the while very professional. I would recommend any learner to consider Andrew as their driving instructor. Thanks!"

Tessa Kind, February 2017

"Thanks Lipon for your support and encouragement over the last few months - I appreciate your patience and positive advice, and I'm delighted to have passed first time!"

Natalie Gordon, February 2017

"Just wanted to say Mike was an amazing instructor and very patient! Very grateful for his time and for getting me to pass."

Amy Short, February 2017

"My name is Shonam and last week (Tuesday 14th) I passed my driving test along side Mike Walsh. I would just like to say it was a pleasure to drive with Mike. He's been there since the very start, his great teaching abilities and amazing personality have allowed me to be where I am now."

Shonam, February 2017

"Lipon was a really good instructor and made me feel really calm whenever I was driving. He helped me pass first time and i would recommend him to anyone."

Matthew Willett, February 2017

"Lipon is a fabulous driver. I passed first time and I am so pleased with myself and my driving! He has been a very good instructor throughout my learning process and I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

Alina Gerrie, February 2017

"Zoran, thank you for teaching and letting me pass on my first attempt. It was a great time and I have learnt a lot from you. Again, thank you for being a great teacher."

So Young Kim, February 2017

"Lipon is an excellent Instructor he was very patient with me,my previous instructor was very shouty, he taught me how to drive very confidently and safely highly recommend."

Khalil Ahmady, February 2017

"Thanks so much Lipon!!! All your useful tips made it so much easier. You made me feel a lot more relaxed on test day! Don't think I would have passed first time without you!"

Dominic Sandy, February 2017

"Julian is one the best instructors ever and it's been a big pleasure for me to be one of his students. He is a Star ⭐️
Thanks to Julian and Hamilton school of motoring."

Shayan, February 2017

"Benn Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and for yesterday. Really appreciate it."

Callum Mckenzie, February 2017

"Learning to drive with Judith was a great experience. She is a very patient, calm teacher, pushing you when needed it though. We got along very well which was a bonus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her and will definitely be in touch when I am ready to do a higher level course."

Julia Doubko, January 2017

"I have recently passed my practical driving test and would like to thank Mike for teaching me and helping me pass, he was extremely good at fixing any of my errors and very knowledgeable about any problems that i encountered. Thanks"

Matt, January 2017

"I'm extremely happy with the amount of help and effort Lipon has put into this. He's extremely friendly and the fact he can have a laugh really helps! Thanks Lipon!!!"

Micheal Maunganidze, January 2017

"Neil was superb! So glad I decided to stick with it. I signed up for a block of 10 classes and paid in advance. Thank so so much Ben."

Philip, January 2017

"12 lessons with Phil and Hamilton School of Motoring, very patient and an excellent no nonsense calm approach to driving. He explained everything in simple terms and I passed my test first time with 5 minor faults. Thank You."

Neil MacCallum, January 2017

"Judith was an amazing instructor and I'm really glad that I found her. The past few months were enjoyable and I want to thank her for all the help she's given me!"

Sophie Tran, December 2016

"Lipon is a friendly and approachable instructor who puts you at ease when driving. Whilst boosting your confidence he also explains things well and makes you strive for improvement. After never driving a car before I met Lipon, I passed first time and am really pleased with how my driving progressed. A fun and very good instructor!"

Erin Harding, December 2016

"I was very nervous when I started my lessons with Peter, but he very quickly put my put me at ease and I enjoyed my time with him. I had not been in the UK very long and was not used to the standard of driving, so I was pleased to pass my test in a relatively short time. Well recommended."

Sanjeewe, December 2016

"I passed my test today all thanks to Ben! After having two other instructors with different companies he was the best instructor I had, he helped me with everything from confidence to accuracy. I was able to book lessons around my work hours making it easy to practice! Thank you so much for your help ben, will always recommend Hamilton!!"

Stephanie Weinert, December 2016

"I am very pleased with the service that Peter has given me while I was learning to drive. He was so friendly and helpful that it made me so enthusiastic to learn how to drive. Even at times when I did horrible mistakes he taught me how to do it right, he's very patient which makes you feel that you can do it right. When I started learning (august 17th 2016) I had no idea about anything, within 3 months I knew how to drive and passed on November 23rd 2016 (first time) which was the best feeling. He's an amazing instructor, I would recommend Peter as he's very thoughtful and great.

I can't thank you again. Best wishes."

Lejla, November 2016

"Lipon was a great instructor, kept me calm at all times. Made sure I knew all the manoeuvres inside and out and repeated until I was confident. His method of teaching was great and I'd recommend to anyone learning to drive."

Elland Churchill, November 2016

"Lipon was recommend by a friend and lived up to the hype, he helped me pass 1st time and didn't waste my money. He will definitely be getting more recomendations"

John Adjepong, November 2016

"Passed my driving test with Peter on 20/10/16 and would just like to say Peter is such a lovely driving instructor without his help I don't think I would've passed as I was previously learning with BSM and they weren't teaching me properly, Peter was patient with me and worked my driving lessons Around my job and my sons nursery pick ups leaving me without hassle of worrying about getting to work on time or collecting my son late which was great, he also explained everything I needed to be test ready and about the questions I might get asked on my test, overall great experience with Hamilton thanks for all your help. Many thanks"

Harmanpreet kainth, November 2016

"Hi Hamilton Team,

Just wanted to share some feedback for Andrew, who was my instructor. I thought you could maybe share it on your website or so.

Andrew was my driving instructor and he was always helpful, not pressurising at all and very flexible when it came to arranging driving lessons. He is very confident and doesn’t mind explaining something a few times. He really tries to teach you above testing standard to make sure you’re ready for the majority of things on the road in real life. Andrew helped me pass my driving test a couple of months ago with a confidence that I didn’t think I would have. I would recommend him to anyone who looks for a confident and patient driving instructor. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s quite funny!

Best wishes,"

Anna, November 2016

"I couldn't recommend Lipon highly enough!! I was a relatively nervous older driver who had to fit in lessons around a busy work schedule. From day one, Lipon's good sense of humour and reassuring manner really stood out and helped me progress quickly. Also, I greatly appreciated his flexibility around my working hours, so my lessons were always at times that suited me - this really made a difference. When it came to being ready for my test, I didn't just feel ready to pass, I felt confident as a driver. Thank you Lipon!"

Chi Kavindele, November 2016

"Thanks to Peter...he was the most patient, thorough and meticulous teacher. No matter how many mistakes I made he was always very methodical and pointed them out in a very nice manner. I would not have passed the test if he hadn't been the instructor. Thanks again"

Fauzia, October 2016

"Peter was Very good 5 stars explain well and very kind, always in time and no cancellation."

Rami Ben Salha, October 2016

"My son was quite nervous about driving, but Nick was brilliant at making him feel relaxed. Nick was kind, sensitive, amusing and very patient !
Dom looked forward to every lesson with Nick, coming back full of confidence. Can’t thank him enough for getting Dom through his driving test.
Dom wishes you luck with Fulham FC, and says you’re gonna need it ! Ha !

On a serious note, Nick was a brilliant teacher. I will recommend Hamilton’s to our friends! Kind regards."

Mrs Kelly, October 2016

"I recently passed my driving test last week and just want to say thank you to my instructor Peter for being so patient with me whilst learning and working his schedule around mine to fit the hours of my sons nursery, this allowed me to be less stressed and concentrate more, Peter is a great instructor and I wouldn't of passed with out his help so a big thank you to him. Many thanks again."

Harmanpreet Kainth, October 2016

"Lipon - great guy and teacher, his relaxed and thorough teaching style led to my first time pass! I whole-heartedly recommend him"

Charles Mullings Wong, October 2016

"I passed first time with Mike and he is a very good instructor. He is extremely calm when I'm driving which creates a great atmosphere and I have learnt a lot from him."

Leah Peak, October 2016

"Benn was really friendly and helpful, also knows all the ins and outs to pass the test. He was really flexible with times that I could have a lesson, which was great, because I work full time and I could plan my lessons around my work. I recommend the school highly."

Patricia Konfederak, October 2016

"Thank you :) Neil was a great instructor very calm and clear at explaining new things. I have recommended him to friends in the past and will continue to highly recommend him."

Sam Botham, October 2016

"Lipon is an excellent teacher, he taught my how to drive properly and helped me pass first time. I strongly recommend him!"

Lewis Kelly, October 2016

"I'd like to say Mike Walsh was really good. He got me ready perfectly for my test and he also gave me more confidence in my driving."

John Clements, September 2016

"Thought Neil was excellent, very friendly and very easy to learn from. Great instructor and would recommend to anyone!"

Ollie Hall, September 2016

"Lipon is the Man if you want to learn how to drive! He is so friendly and reliable. I felt really comfortable with him in all the lessons. He's very good with pointing out your mistakes and fixing it so you don't feel stressed and you can concentrate on your drive. I passed the practical test for the first time! That's says something."

Daniel Mandzi, September 2016

"My experience with Hamilton was excellent. Always felt like I was making constant progress and Benn was very accommodating in making sure I was always able to have regular lessons. Would definitely recommend to any one looking for good quality driving lessons at a good quality price!"

Jonathan Johnston, September 2016

"Yeah Julian was great, got it done and dusted!"

Tamara Andrews, September 2016

"I have passed my test today with 7 minors in first go and all thanks goes to Zoran. He is an excellent driving instructor. He is a perfectionist and also a funny person. I used to be very relaxed with him and he always made me feel like I was one of his friends. I definitely recommend Hamilton Driving School and my instructor Zoran. Thank you Hamilton and Zoran, I gained lots of confidences."

Hinu Gurung, September 2016

"Just passed my driving test with Andrew as my instructor. He is a very friendly and experienced instructor, and he put me at ease from the first lesson. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone wanting to pass their test first time"

Amanda Ali, September 2016

"My instructor Lipon has a very lovely attitude to teaching and I felt comfortable throughout my lessons. I didn't feel at all scare when approaching new task and have had a very nice time learning to drive."

Molly Gamble, September 2016

"I have just passed my test and wanted to share some feedback about my instructor Paul Williams.

I had a fantastic learning experience with Paul. He's very friendly, always calm and a great teacher. He manages to explain everything in a simple and clear manner, making learning to drive easy. Plus, he's a lovely person so you can look forward to a chat along the way. I would definitely recommend Paul to anybody who wants to learn to drive. Having had less positive experiences with other instructors, I'd say look no further, Paul is the instructor for you!"

Hannah Viner, September 2016

"Hi, thank you Julian was understanding and let me go at a pace I felt comfortable because I was nervous about learning to drive, and he explained the manoeuvres in a way easy to understand and repeat."

Emma Duncan, September 2016

"Lipon was an absolutely fantastic teacher, extremely thorough and informative, it is entirely down to him that I passed at all. He was recommended to me, and now I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others."

September, 2016

"Passed first time, despite dodgy examiners! Thanks Benn for being patient with my driving and helping me through :) "

Student, September 2016

"Lipon accommodates your timetable, and is very patient during driving."

Jay Segel, August 2016

"Without lipon I wouldn't have achieved what I have today. Greats person to get to know and overall deserves his reputation."

Alfie Barnstable, August 2016

"I really enjoyed my lessons with lipon, great instructor and I would highly recommend him to other people, his knowledge and time keeping are very good and he never let me down"

Miles Bullen, August 2016

"Lipon is fantastic & got me across the line first time without a hitch. Highly recommended!!"

Andrew Cook, August 2016

"Lipon is a great instructor he teaches you to be a safe driver and he has a lot of knowledge about the road and cars his lessons were fun and he was always on time highly recommended."

Lewis Sheridan, July 2016

"Excellent with new and nervous drivers, was both fun and educational, passed my test the other day and looking forward to doing the Pass Plus Scheme with them. Would definitely recommend Benn from Hamilton to anyone considering learning!!"

Aoife Simpson, July 2016

"Neil was great; extremely patient and calm which was very good especially in the beginning. I'm really happy I passed so please thank Neil for all his support, he was great!"

Nirit Gat, July 2016

"I am passed today my driving test and I would like to say Thank you to my teacher Lipon.He was a reliable, patient and informative instructor who really helped me learn everything I needed to pass the test. Highly recommended!"

Tetina Kashchuk, July 2016

"My testimonial is that Lipon is an amazing instructor, he has an approachable and friendly manner that makes learning so easy. He's helped my brother, now me and my other brother is going to start with him, which I'm sure will go well. Thank you again Lipon for all your help."

Gogulan Nithiyabhaskaran, July 2016

"Hi I am Pratheesh, I have studied driving with Michael in Epsom. I passed today. He is good instructor and very helpful."

Pratheesh, July 2016

"Under the guidance of Phil I passed my practical test first time. Throughout every lesson Phil was calm and very friendly – always willing to help with any questions or concerns I had. I’d strongly recommend Phil to anyone considering driving lessons. Thanks again"

Jonathan Trish, July 2016

"Today, in this very morning I have passed my practical test in Reigate and I'd like to give you some feedback if I may.

At the end of Feb I received my provisional driving licence and 4 months later I have managed to get a full one. Of course this would not be possible without help and support from one your instructors - Mike Walsh.

Thanks to his professional approach and commitment I have managed to pass at my first attempt with just under 30 hrs of driving.

I found Mike very easy going , knowledgeable and very, very focused on safety on the road. Well, at the end of the day it's better to be safe than sorry.

May I take this opportunity and say massive Thank You to Mike and to the whole Hamilton Driving School."

Lucas Balcerek, July 2016

"Fantastic relaxed and knowledgeable instructor, thanks Lipon you're a star"

Paul Lyon, July 2016