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Steve Brockwell

Steve has many years experience as a manual driving instructor and was living and working as a driving instructor in and around Exeter for some years before he returned to his parent’s home in 2009. As an experienced driving instructor he checked out the local driving schools to see which one offered the best opportunities and he chose Hamilton. I am very pleased he did. We have had a great working relationship during that time and Steve has gone from strength to strength building up checkatrade feedback and recommendations. Steve's commitment as a professional driving instructor is reflected in his high pass rate.

Since his return to the Guildford area he has settled down and married. His wife Vanessa supports him fully and he is able to work daytime and evenings though weekends are limited by family/personal interests.

steve brockwell

Benn Hibbert

We are very pleased to have Benn on board. He transferred from another driving school late summer 2010 because he felt dissatisfied with the service he was getting from them. With over seven years manual experience he settled into our routine very quickly and has established himself with many successful test candidates since joining our team.

Benn lives in Chessington with his wife Sarah and instructs from Leatherhead to Kingston and the local area. He is always willing to help other instructors if they can’t cover a test and is prepared to go out of his way to assist his pupils. We are pleased indeed for Benn's professional approach to our industry.

Benn is very interested in the Air Cadets, Hinchley Wood, but that does not stop him being available during unsociable hours.

benn hibbert

Mike Walsh

Mike is an old hand as a driving instructor, teaching hundreds of new drivers since qualifying back in the nineties. Most of his instructing has been with the AA, but 2010 was the year he decided Hamilton was the way forward. His experience is a great addition to our team and I hope he continues his successful career under our banner.

Mike has a very easy-going manner and can put any nervous driver at ease. He is married to Stephanie and with their young daughter lives in Epsom. From Epsom Mike is able to service as far as Kingston-Upon-Thames and the areas within. Some evenings and weekends are inevitable in this profession and he is able to fit around his pupils to suit their times.

mike walsh

Julian Eggar

Julian is a recent addition to Hamilton School of Motoring. He qualified with another driving school and found he was relying more on himself than his driving school to generate work, so he checked out Hamilton and joined us in March 2011.

Julian has a background in the wine industry and marketing, and is very aware of the importance of customer relations. These skills together with driving instruction make him a great addition to the driving school.

Julian lives in West Molesey with his family and services the surrounding area, working some evenings and weekends to match the demands of his pupils.

Julian sent me the following text 18 June 2012 "My stats are 23 passes out of 31 tests since December or 74.2%." When you consider the national average is around 43%, these are impressive figures.

julian eggar


It's great to have Zoran on board. He lives in Thames Ditton and covers all local areas both automatic and manual. Zoran joined us from another local driving school in May 2011 and has a lot of teaching experience including as a qualified teacher from his original Yugoslavia. He prefers working on a one to one basis away from the restrictions of a class room and emphasises structured training to all his pupils. Success comes with his conscientious approach to teaching. Zoran also has the task of looking after their young son as his wife works evenings. This does limit his availability after 6.00pm during the week.


Mat Rollason

Mat joined us in October 2012 and has already proved himself with a number of successful test passes. He is a great addition to our driving school with many years experience in the local area. Mat lives with his family in West Molesey and is very central to the areas we cover. He teaches driving lessons in both manual and automatic and has the flexibility to match the demands of his new drivers. He is also willing to cover a wide area and work unsociable hours so it is great to have him on board. Mat is used to running his own school so let us hope our support will convince him to stay with us for the longer term.

mat rollason

Phil Hipson

Phil is a new instructor to Hamilton School of Motoring but not to teaching, having been an instructor for some 30 years. Phil has been working on his own as an independant instructor for some years but is now looking for the support of a local driving school and lucky for us - he chose Hamilton and started early April 2013. Already Phil has passes with us and we are looking forward to a great working relationship.

Phil lives in Morden with his wife and covers all areas from Wimbledon to Kingston and to Sutton. Phil is willing to teach at the hours to suit his pupils and together with his kind manner and experience is a must for those starting out on the experience of learning to drive.

phil hipson

Lipon Ashraf

I am very pleased to welcome Lipon into Hamilton School of Motoring (September 2013). A first rate instructor who has recently suffered from lack of support from his previous driving school. His addition to our fold will be a great advantage to both him and our pupils and this is already proving the case with a number of successful tests coming through.

Lipon is married with a family to support and to that end is willing to cover a wide area from his Sutton home and also work unsociable hours. This allows more flexibility for his new drivers and gives us the opportunity to take on additional pupils.

lipon ashraf

Neil Longman

Neil joined us at the beginning of this year January 2014. He showed great enthusiasm to join Hamilton recognizing our reputation and the importance of good service and he has shown that from the very beginning of our association. So I am very pleased to have him on board. He has already gone out of his way to help his pupils and has already had several test successes.

Neil lives in Thames Ditton and covers the surrounding area working all times including weekends and evenings.

neil longman

Paul Neil

We have Paul Neil joining us February 2014. Paul is married and lives with his wife and children in West Molesey. Paul has 5 years experience as a fully qualified driving instructor but since working on his own has found it difficult to build a strong pupil base. So he contacted us. I like his attitude. He is very customer orientated and will go out of his way to help his pupils.

paul neil


Paul Williams

We are lucky to have Paul joining us February 2015. Paul is a very experienced "A" Grade fully qualified instructor of many years standing.

He lived and taught in S.E.London before moving to Surbiton and joining another local driving school. After 2 years he found their costs too high and as he was lacking the support he needed Paul contacted us.

I like his manner. He is very friendly and with his welsh accent will settle any new driver as they take to the road. Paul lives with his wife in Surbiton and is willing to work to fit around his pupils committing himself to both evening and weekend bookings. Welcome aboard Paul.

paul williams

Nick Mason

Nick joined us in October 2015 he joined from a different driving school. Nick lives in Leatherhead and covers a wide area. Nick has a lot of experience as well as many test passes. We are really pleased to have nick on board. He is very friendly and enjoys seeing his pupils progress to the the standard for passing their driving tests. Nick is very flexible with his pupils regarding arranging their lessons. He is a family man at heart and loves seeing his grown-up kids.

nick mason

Judith Williamson

We would like to welcome Judith on board to our team Judith joined us in January 2016.

Judith has been teaching for 3 years covering a wide area around Kingston. Her aim is for pupils to learn to drive in a relaxed and fun environment, always setting pupils at ease. Learning to drive in a safe manner is always at the heart of Judith's teaching.

Judith is married and has 3 cats and is therefore able to teach evenings and Saturday mornings to suit the needs of people wanting to learn.

judith williamson


Brian Hussey

We'd like to welcome our new instructor Brian Hussey. Brian has been an instructor for over ten years and have a very successful pass rate he joined Hamilton diving school in January 2016. He lives in Morden and teaches automatic. He is a great addition to the school and is works very flexible times. Welcome Brian.

brian hussey


Andrew Gallagher

We would like to welcome our new instructor Andrew Gallagher to our team he joined us in  March 2016 he covers a wide area and works unsociable hours.

Andrew has had 30 years fault free driving experience, which includes driving at a professional level coaches, busses, Large Goods Vehicles, cars, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. Andrew has a driving licence for all forms of wheeled vehicle.

Andrew has been a driving instructor for eight years and did run his own driving school, enjoying the teaching process and focuses on coaching and developing learner drivers to drive safely for life –Andrew’s best learner passed their test with one minor fault and so has a target for all learners to pass with zero minors.

Andrew is originally from the NE of England and now lives in Surbiton with his family of six which includes two cats.



Ann Perera

Ann is a recent addition joining us as a fully qualified driving instructor in August 2016. Ann has experience with other driving schools but has found that early promise of work and support either hasn’t lasted or didn’t materialise in the first place. Ann likes being able to run his own diary without interference and that any new enquiries are confirmed as genuine.

Ann lives with her family in Carshalton and is ideally positioned to cover much of our area. Ann is also willing to work both evenings and weekends for those pupils who are unavailable during weekdays.

Ann is an experienced and professional driving instructor. We hope working together will prove to be a long and successful partnership.

ann perera


Barbara Grosvenor

Barbara joined us in October 2016.

Barbara has been an instructor for 12 years now and did her training with BSM. She likes teaching pupils with a more nervous disposition. I have a background in communication and public relations.

Barbara lives in Kingston and covers a wide area and works evebings and weekends Barbara has a really high pass rate.

Driving instructor Kingston


Charles Daniels

Charles joined us in March 2016 he lives in Chessington and covers a wide area.

I joined the Hamilton driving instructing family after thorough research into several driving schools to choose what I considered was the best driving school.

After about 8 years of being in the teaching industry i have developed the understanding of how to meet the needs of pupils and learnt to ensure that the focus is not just passing the driving test but understanding the importance of road safety. You will see that i am dedicated through working day in day out even on the bluest of days.

My flexible working hours includes weekends and early morning.


charles daniels



Lisa White

Lisa rejoined us in April 2017.

Lisa qualified as an Instructor over 10 years ago and worked for the AA Driving School for a few years. After taking a short break to raise a family she joined Hamilton Driving School in 2011.

Lisa lives in Chessington with her husband and two small children.

Lisa teaches manual and covers Chessington and the surrounding areas. She is available weekdays and Saturday mornings.

Lisa is a dedicated instructor who is reliable, professional and has a great attitude towards her pupils.


lisa white



Duncan Moriarty

Duncan joined us in April 2017.

Duncan retired from the Police in 2014 after 30 years service. He retrained as a fully qualified driving instructor. He lives in the Worcester Park area and has a grown up son who is away from home studying at university. Duncan covers a wide area and works evenings and weekends.


duncan moriarty



Terry Westbrook

Terry joined us in June 2017.

Family man Terry has lived with his wife in Worcester Park for 30 years. He is a licenced London Taxi Driver of 22 years and feeling increasingly frustrated with the trade felt he needed a new challenge in his working environment.

Terry brings with him over 40 years of driving experience covering all aspects of driving. He possesses good communication and people skills honed over many years dealing with the general public in the cab . He has a calm reassuring personality that people warm to.

He describes himself as friendly, patient and calm and will relax you and help you to achieve your goals. Terry works flexible hours and is happy to accommodate all pupils.


terry westbrook



Ian Lovendhal

Ian joined us in June 2017 and has already proved himself with a number of successful test passes. He is a great addition to our driving school with many years experience in the local area. Ian lives in Worcester park and is very central to the areas we cover. He teaches driving lessons in manual and has the flexibility to match the demands of his new drivers. He is also willing to cover a wide area and work unsociable hours so it is great to have him on board.


ian lovendhal