Driving Lessons in Weybridge, Surrey

Weybridge is located south of the River Thames between Walton-on-Thames and Chertsey. It used to have its own test centre in York Road, Weybridge, but with the ongoing and worsening problem of parked cars the test centre finally closed at the end of 2007. Chertsey Test Centre established just shortly before the demise of Weybridge now fulfils that role.

Where can Weybridge driving instructors take their new pupils? There are a limited number of useful sites for introducing the workings of the car before moving off and stopping at the side of the road. Mayfield Road is a good place to start; a square-shaped road off Heath Road. There are parked cars in places but the road is quiet enough to be able to negotiate these with the aid of the Weybridge driving instructor, if needed. The location is limited to just a couple of junctions so further development would require a different area.

Oatlands Avenue, off Queens Road, is a long straight run with few parked cars. It has the potential for the Weybridge Driving School to introduce 2nd and even 3rd gear as the new driver gets more confident with steering and positioning. St Mary’s Road and Woodlands Grove provide junctions for practising left and right turns and there is a popular corner in Woodlands Grove for the reverse to the left. It used to be on Weybridge test routes and used for that particular exercise. Many Weybridge Driving Schools still use the same location.


Ellesmere Road, Gower Road and St Georges Road are ideal for Weybridge driving instruction in dealing with junctions and can include emerging on to the main Queens Road route. There are some good corners for the left hand reverse; a couple of particularly sharp ones and downhill at that! Ellesmere Road is the only one wide enough for the turn in the road exercise.

Castle Road tucked in by Oatlands Drive and Oatlands Chase is another location for driving instructors in Weybridge to teach the turn in the road. A sharp left hand reverse and a number of places for the reverse park are also on the agenda for those who want to learn to drive in Weybridge.

Much of the area is taken up by private estates, the largest, St Georges Hill probably covers 50% of the area and, unless Weybridge driving lessons are booked by a resident, there is no access with security at all entrances. The roads that follow its perimeter are all faster roads with Byfleet Road to the south having the national speed limit of 60mph for a single carriageway. Great for the more developed new driver.

Seven Hills Road running along the eastern side of St Georges Hill undulates as the name implies and has a standard symmetrical roundabout at the junction with Burwood Road. Further to the north where it meets Queens Road, is a major intersection. One examiner some years ago called it a gyratory system. Another examiner called it “A big roundabout with trees in the middle!” It is well signposted and Driving Schools in Weybridge will find the more advanced new driver should have little difficulty with recognising which exit they need.

Queens Road heading east to Hersham has a number of roundabouts all the way to Esher and is good for the driving instructor in Weybridge to practise the disciplines for these, especially with speeds up to 40mph. Clarence Road off Queens Road near Hersham is another ideal spot for the turn in the road and parallel park manoeuvres.

There are two mini roundabouts at Monument Hill which need particular attention as it is important to get into the correct approach lane, especially from Queens Road to Monument Hill. One of them has give way lines on the roundabout itself and is the route for turning right from Hanger Hill to Queens Road – not to be missed! Monument Hill leads down to the High Street which becomes congested during busy times as it links Weybridge to West Byfleet and Addlestone. The roads off the High Street are small, narrow and permanently limited by parked cars and are difficult to negotiate. Portmore Park Road might be better for the Driving School in Weybridge to practise meeting oncoming traffic as it is used to bypass the town centre and is a little more open.

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