Driving Lessons in Walton-on-Thames, KT12

Walton-on-Thames lies south of the Thames between Molesey and Weybridge. Further south you are bordered by Esher and Cobham. A prosperous area, Walton has many private estates and large properties. Apart from the High Street and main routes there are a number of quiet areas for new drivers to learn their basic skills.

There is no driving test centre in Walton. The nearest was the test centre at Weybridge but that closed end of 2007. It was replaced by the test centre in Chertsey. Driving instructors Walton can also use Ashford, Middlesex, just over the A308 near Sunbury.

Walton-on-Thames driving instructors with their pupils can be found in the Rydens Road area. An ideal place for developing the early skills of left and right turns together with emerging at junctions. There are one or two roads off Burwood Road, though narrow, that are not too demanding with light local traffic. Other places to go for driving tuition in Walton include Fieldcommon off Molesey Road. There is also Oatlands Avenue which leads towards Weybridge and can also be a useful area for Walton-on-Thames driving instruction. I have used Clarence Road, not far from Walton-on-Thames Station, for the turn in the road and parallel park on many occasions. Nearby Mayfield Road has a corner that’s great for reversing to the left. All of these locations are suitable for practising the manoeuvres.

It can really help to find somewhere that minimises any interference with the local residents. There can be nothing worse after a long journey to find a couple of three point turns and a parallel park all going on at the same time in your road. All that the resident wants to do is get home! Walton-on-Thames driving lessons should be considerate and bear this in mind when practising the manoeuvres.

Walton high street

Walton High Street and the surrounding town centre is small compared to some, but does have a gyratory system at one end. Good to practise lane changes and basic lane discipline.

Queens Road which stretches between Hersham and Weybridge is great for roundabouts, especially towards Esher where there is more than one lane, and positioning is really important for the new driver. Another gyratory system is located here at the Weybridge end of Queens Road. One of the access roads from the gyratory system is Seven Hills Road which leads down to Byfleet Road and on to Cobham and the A3. Named after the seven hills, I guess (no, I’ve not counted them). This road has a 50mph speed limit and has a roundabout at Burwood Road. Great for practising the correct approach speed and timing the gear change before dealing with the junction.

Extending north from the Rydens Road area you have Ambleside Avenue becoming Cottimore Lane. This is another relatively quiet road with priority access as a traffic calming measure. It is near the mini roundabout junction with St Johns Drive. Sidney Road leading to Terrace Road has a very busy mini-roundabout, ideal for the Walton driving instructor to test the confidence and observational skills of their new driver.

Driving lessons Walton-on-Thames should include Walton Lane, off Walton Bridge. It is great as a non-residential country lane. At one time the national speed limit applied. For a single lane each way this is 60mph for a car. It has since been reduced to 40mph and to be honest, a more practical speed limit. A very uneven road and 60mph was just not viable.

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