Driving Lessons in Wallington, SM6

We are a recommended driving school established over 12 years offering good quality driving tuition by a fully qualified driving instructor. Our driving instructor in Wallington is very familiar with the local roads and those around the nearest test centres.

Wallington sits between Carshalton and South Croydon and is serviced by Sutton Test Centre or Croydon Test Centre. Sutton test centre is located in St Helier House on the High Street just north of the St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way one way system. Test candidates are required to park on bays in Lewis Road behind St Helier House before attending the test centre waiting room. Croydon Test Centre is situated at 111 Canterbury Road, CRO 3HH.

From Sandy Lane, turning left onto Stafford Road and opposite Crosspoint House are Blenheim Gardens and Onslow Gardens. These two roads lead to quieter locations which can be used by Wallington driving schools for manoeuvres. Stanley Gardens links to both and is wide enough for the turn in the road exercise and parallel park, subject of course to enough space with parked cars positioned along the road. Driving instructors in Wallington will find that this is a 20mph zone without parking restrictions (no yellow lines) but could become congested with parked cars during the working day.

Manoeuvering and parking

Wallington driving lessons should include Marchmont Road and Hillside Gardens. Marchmont Road is an L shaped road which leads back to Blenheim Gardens. These roads have trees along the kerbside. Some kerbstones have been dislodged by their roots over the years, so care should be taken when manoeuvring or parking as there is a risk of tyre or wheel trim damage. There are some sharp corners for Wallington driver training to include reversing to the left. Southview Gardens crosses Sandy Lane South via a mini roundabout into The Newlands and Buckingham Way. The mini roundabout breaks up the traffic flow on the main road and makes access from the side roads easier.

The Drive is a quiet road with few parked cars from the Ambrey Way end and has potential for local Wallington driving instructors to introduce the car to their new pupils and begin with moving away and stopping. There is also a slight gradient which is excellent for driving tuition and showing the new driver clutch control and covering hill exercises.

If you drive into Great Woodcote Park heading towards Purley and turn right into Church Road, the Wallington Driving School will find the corner with Church Hill ideal for a rounded reverse to the left. Nearby is Peaks Hill where there is the entrance to John Fisher School. Along here, outside school times I might add, the road is quiet and there are few parked cars, at least until you reach the junction with Farm Road. So it is great for developing gear changing, steering and positioning before venturing into the busier roads.

One of the best roundabouts for learning how to deal with them is the one already mentioned where Boundary Road crosses Stanley Park Road. It is symmetrical and can easily be explained before taking pupils on to it. It is far better to start Wallington driving instruction on roundabouts with this one or maybe a mini roundabout before throwing the new driver in at the deep end with more demanding junctions like Purley Cross or the roundabout where Little Woodcote meets Foxley Lane.

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