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We are a local driving school covering and offering driving lessons in Tolworth for over 15 years. Recommended by many satisfied test candidates our driving instructors are all registered by the Driving Standards Agency and are members of the Driving Instructors Association. Your driving instructor in Tolworth is very familiar with the local roads and those around the local test centre. As members of Checkatrade we are monitored and vetted, ensuring best business practice.

We have a team of instructors covering the local areas. This allows us to find exactly the right instructor for your driving lessons. When you talk to us, do let us know if you would prefer a male or female instructor, a manual or automatic car and what times are best for you. Some people can only have lessons early in the morning before work, others prefer evening lessons. Whatever your preference, we will do our best to help.

If you are nervous about your driving lessons, please take a look at our Recommendations page. It is full of comments from pupils who have recently passed their driving tests - and I am sure that you will be experiencing some of the same worries that they had. Starting to learn to drive can be scary but our instructors take the time and effort to make sure that you feel confident behind the wheel. They will challenge you to improve but not push you and make you feel uncomfortable.

Driving around Tolworth

The area is serviced by Tolworth Test Centre in Douglas Road. It has been open since 2000 when it replaced the test centre in Maple Road, Surbiton. Tolworth is a residential area and is situated at the junction with the A3 and Tolworth Broadway. The junction is overlooked by Tolworth Tower which dominates the immediate skyline. The roundabout is known locally as the Toby Jug named after a former pub on the south side of the roundabout.

The most popular roads for Tolworth driving schools are those off Langley Avenue; ideal for starting a brand new beginner. Langley Avenue is a wide road and is less intimidating to the new driver as passing traffic has the space to progress without being held up by Tolworth driving instructors who may move at a slower pace while pupils learn to control the car. Test routes pass through Langley Avenue and this of course makes the roads more attractive to learn to drive in.

Less suitable perhaps for the turn in the road, Langley Avenue and its associate roads are either too busy, too wide (which can be useful as an introduction to the manoeuvre) or too narrow and I am thinking here of Southborough Close. It is so narrow the Tolworth Driving School cannot fail to block the road to passing motorists and that is unfair on them. The road is more appropriate for instructor training rather than new driver training as the new driver will take much longer to complete the exercise.

Parallel Parking

Tolworth driving lessons can include the parallel park in Southborough Road, which is a wide road and less busy than Langley Avenue; again we must consider the impact on passing traffic. For the reverse to the left, Langley Avenue has three or four corners from wide and open to a much sharper corner with Corkram Road. There is a popular corner at one end of Southborough Close that is used frequently for Tolworth driving tuition.

The next choice for driving instructors in Tolworth, and perhaps the next stage for development is Berrylands. Very much in favour by house hunters, the area is dominated by the three bedroom semi-detached house and the cars that go with them. Driving schools in Tolworth can develop very useful circuits for practising left and right turns, as well as emerging from a side road both to the left and the right. There are also good places to introduce and develop all of the manoeuvres, including the emergency stop.

Berrylands is perfect for the topic meeting traffic. The rule of giving way when the obstruction is on your side of the road is well demonstrated in most of the roads familiar to the local driving instructor in Tolworth. This is well represented when Tolworth driver training includes taking on the slip road that runs alongside the A3 to New Malden. Cars are only ever parked outside the houses so north east bound is always limited by parked cars, whereas travelling south west is always clear on that side of the road.

Tolworth Broadway has a 20mph stretch outside the Our Lady Immaculate Roman Catholic School, introduced within the last few years, when the lollipop lady complained about drivers ignoring her and putting pedestrians at risk. The junction with Ewell Road and Warren Road North was redesigned and the lower speed limit brought in. Traffic calming also applies to King Charles Road where width restrictions, humps and a 20mph zone deliberately slow traffic down. The test centre is also in a 20mph zone, so much of the driving test is limited to lower speeds and the test candidate must keep a watchful eye on road signs for changing speed limits.

The roads off Red Lion Road are generally narrower and more demanding for the inexperienced driver and really only suitable when the Tolworth new driver is more developed.


What's included

  • Complete driving lesson according to DSA outline
  • Friendly driving instructors
  • No car sharing
  • Free local pick-up
  • DSA approved learning material
  • Thorough practise of driving during all lessons
  • Taste of all type of road conditions and layouts during learning.

Each of our driving instructors are fully qualified and DSA approved to ensure that you learn to drive in a fun, cooperative, friendly and relaxed environment. We want you to develop the safest driving skills and the best driving habits at the best possible price.

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