Driving Lessons in Thames Ditton, KT7

We are a recommended driving school established over 12 years and offering good quality driving tuition. Our driving instructors are all registered with the Driving Standards Agency and are members of the Driving Instructors Association. Your driving instructor in Thames Ditton is very familiar with the local roads and those around the Tolworth test centre. As a member of checkatrade we are monitored and vetted to ensure high standards of business practice.

Thames Ditton, the larger of the two Dittons (Long Ditton is the other one) is nestled between Hampton Court Way and the Portsmouth Road (the original A3). No longer a pleasant drive through a suburban residential area, it has been subjected to an excess of traffic calming, humps and cushions. This makes it difficult for the Thames Ditton driving instructors to get any sort of natural rhythm. It doesn’t help with steering or gear changes and makes for a very uncomfortable drive for all concerned.

The only place for the first driving lesson, I would suggest, is Ennismore Gardens. At least there are no humps here (as I speak). Thames Ditton driving schools can use this and Thistledene for moving away, stopping and introducing a couple of quiet junctions. I say quiet as this depends on the time of day. It is used as a cut through during busy times to bypass the Embercourt roundabout.

The roads surrounding Ennismore and Thistledene are not a natural progression for the development of junctions, so once achieved it would be better for the driving instructor in Thames Ditton to drive to a different area. The Drive, Esher and its associated roads are ideal as a next level. Other areas could include Beauchamp Road, Molesey or the local favourite, Langley Avenue, Surbiton. These areas also have suitable places for introducing and practising the manoeuvres.

There are no hills to speak of in Thames Ditton, or Esher come to that, so it would be better to go to Langley Avenue to introduce hill exercises. Langley Avenue and its adjacent roads have an abundance of hills from gentle to steep and will test the new driver’s co-ordination skills fully.


Driving tuition in Thames Ditton can include roundabouts as there are a number in the locality. There is the mini roundabout on Giggs Hill Green and another at the junction of Speer road and Summer Road. These are great as an introduction though the surrounding roads are narrow with parked and oncoming cars. The High Street and St Leonards Road are separated by a roundabout, but do watch out for access from Boyle Road. It is a private road and drivers could be surprised by vehicles coming out of it.

Embercourt roundabout on Hampton Court Way is a classic symmetrical four way junction leading across Hampton Court Way towards Esher and Imbercourt Police Social Club. It should not be introduced until the new driver has developed confidence on the quieter roundabout junctions. If you want something different then Thames Ditton driving lessons should take on the oddly laid out Station roundabout. The junction was always a difficult junction to deal with, especially from the two side roads, Speer Road and Weston Green Road. So it was turned into a roundabout using the two arches that carry the railway line overhead as accesses – and it works! As the access roads are staggered you should consider your signalling carefully to let other road users know exactly which exit you are taking.

There are no traffic lights in Thames Ditton until you move on to Portsmouth Road and come up to the junction with Thorkhill Road, known locally as Winters Bridge. There are two sets of lights, one for the right turn into Thorkhill Road and a second set as arrowed filter lights for ahead towards Surbiton and Kingston. The lights and the road markings will need careful explaining by the driving instructor in Thames Ditton as the new driver can find it all very confusing.

Another set of lights which can be explained as an individual topic are those at the level crossing in Summer Road. It crosses a single railway line which leads to and from Hampton Court Railway Station. Introduction should include explaining the benefits to the learner driver of turning the engine off while waiting for the gates to be raised.

There you have it. If you want to learn to drive in Thames Ditton, it is not the easiest place to find suitable roads. Within a short distance though there are areas which can be used to practise junctions and the manoeuvres.

Southbank off Thorkhill Road has a public parking area and is ideal for parking bay practise. Do bear in mind the nearest test centre is Tolworth and the test candidate could be asked to reverse on to a parking bay for the parking exercise.

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