Driving Lessons in Teddington, TW11

A difficult area for Teddington driving instructors to find suitable roads for the new driver. A direct link from Heathrow, Twickenham and West London to Kingston-Upon-Thames does mean a lot of through traffic. Teddington Town Centre gets particularly snarled up at busy times and this is made worse by local events at Twickenham Stadium and the ever expanding Hampton Court Flower Show.

For the new driver on their first lesson, Normansfield Avenue off Kingston Road is a favourite for Teddington driving schools, together with Glamorgan Road and Seymour Road. Just quiet enough to begin with a controls lesson and moving off and stopping. Then it gets more complicated!

The natural development would be for driving instructors in Teddington to use Broom Road but with parked cars, humps and local traffic it can be very discouraging for the new driver with use of dual controls and assisted steering likely. Fairfax Road on the other side of Kingston Road is just as bad. Your local driving instructor could use the roads around Princes Road, but again parked cars and humps do make it a challenging area.

If you are willing to travel to quieter wider roads to learn to drive, the obvious choice would be across the river to Ham, where the roads are great for practising junctions and the higher gears. It can take too long to get there though, as it means driving over Kingston Bridge and along Richmond Road. The return journey is even longer taking on the Kingston one-way system. Ormond Drive and Crescent in Hampton can be useful for introducing junctions for left and right turns, but the roads are quite narrow in places with parked cars to deal with. Travelling to and from a practise area need not be lost time as it can be used for demonstrating different aspects of driving instruction and theory questions can arise.

New Driver

As the new driver gets more experience and Broom Road becomes less intimidating, Teddington driving lessons can be expanded to include Ferry Road for dealing with traffic lights. From there, there is access to Teddington Town Centre and its roundabouts leading to Hampton Hill and Stanley Road for Whitton. Kingston Road and Twickenham Road lead to Twickenham Town Centre. Both routes north will take driving instructors in Teddington over the A217 towards Isleworth Test Centre. Isleworth Test Centre is the nearest since Teddington Test Centre closed some years ago. The other Test Centres serving the area are Tolworth, Chertsey and Ashford.

There are some corners in the Normansfield Avenue area that can be used to introduce and practise the reversing to the left manoeuvre, both sharp and rounded. There are also possibilities for the turn in the road and parallel parking in the same area. The other roads off Broom Road are just not practical with far too many parked cars.

The one thing lacking in Teddington, at least for practising in the early stages is a hill. Moving off uphill and clutch control exercises need the Teddington driving instructor to find somewhere quiet and the only place I have found is in Seymour Road, which is nearer Hampton Wick just under the railway bridge. This does lead on to Hampton Wick High Street, so the new driver needs to be developed enough to cope with the demands of the busier road once they have moved off. As the new driver becomes more confident with hills, then it will be time to take on the roundabouts between the High Street Teddington and Broad Street, both having inclines from all directions.

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