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Driving Lessons Surbiton

We also cover driving lessons in Surbiton KT6. We have been an established Surbiton driving school for over 12 years and recommended by many of our successful pupils. Our driving instructors are all registered with the Driving Standards Agency and members of the Driving Instructors Association. Our instructors in Surbiton offer good quality driving tuition and are very familiar with the local roads and those around the nearest test centre.

The original test centre, a house in Maple Road, Surbiton, closed when the lease expired some years ago and the test centre was moved to its present location, Douglas Road, Tolworth.

Surbiton is better known for its railway service to Waterloo; the fast train taking no more than 18 minutes. With good schools in the area Surbiton is a popular destination for house buyers and the prices reflect that. Surbiton is immediately to the south of Kingston-Upon-Thames. Other locations within Surbiton include Berrylands, Long Ditton and Tolworth.

Most Surbiton Driving Schools begin new driver lessons in the popular (with driving instructors at least) Langley Avenue. The road is wide and in spite of fast traffic passing through, neither interferes with the other – until Surbiton driving instructors introduce manoeuvres into the area. It can be chaotic with a pupil attempting the turn in the road and approaching new drivers unable to cope with the disruption. At the same time passing drivers are trying to negotiate around the lot!! I have witnessed such a scene.

Apart from the occasional disruption, Langley Avenue is excellent for the first Surbiton driving lessons. Moving away and stopping, reversing in a straight line, developing a basic left circuit can all be covered in Langley Avenue and its adjacent roads. Moving on to right turns and emerging at junctions would be the next stage for the driving instructor in Surbiton. The other advantage of this area is the hills, from the gentle gradient in Southborough Close to the particularly steep slopes in Corkram Road, Ashcombe Avenue and Woodlands Road. These are great for moving away uphill and getting the pupil to understand the effect of momentum and engine braking when travelling downhill.

Test Routes

Test routes do pass this way, so Driving Schools in Surbiton are keen to practise, in particular, the reverse around a corner. There are two or three corners used all the time by local driving instructors in Surbiton and hopefully showing respect for the local residents by allowing them access without hindrance. Natural development will lead the new driver to Ditton Hill and Lovelace Road. Lovelace Road is especially useful for Surbiton driving instruction in the art of meeting and passing vehicles in narrow roads with parked cars either side.

At the other end of Langley Avenue is a five way mini roundabout, which new drivers find very challenging. The three mini roundabouts in Long Ditton are easier to deal with, with just three approaches for each of them. The problem for the new driver with these busy flowing roundabouts, is recognising when you can move on and having the confidence to do just that before the moment is lost. By the time the new driver sees the chance to go, it is gone and now once again there is continuous traffic from the right.

Surbiton driving tuition leads to Brighton Road and the right turn junction with Victoria Road, the local High Street. I prefer to call Victoria Road “suicide alley” as there are so many pedestrians crossing from all directions, some using the two zebra crossings, others preferring not to divert to the safety of the crossing. Particularly dangerous for pedestrians is walking across the roundabout by the railway station. Hoards of train passengers overflow onto Victoria Road when the early evening trains arrive from London and the new driver must be especially vigilant within the proximity of the station..

Beyond the local roads driving tuition in Surbiton extends north to Kingston-Upon-Thames and its one way system or you can travel south via the Portsmouth Road to pick up the dual carriageways that encircle Thames Ditton, Hinchley Wood, Tolworth and New Malden. Direct access to the A3 can be via Ewell Road which leads directly to Tolworth Broadway and the Toby Jug roundabout.

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