Driving Lessons in South Croydon, CR2

We have been established as a driving school for over 12 years and cover South Croydon area. We have taken hundreds of test candidates through the driving test and received many recommendations over the years; so you are in safe hands. Our driving instructors are all registered with the Driving Standards Agency and are members of the Driving Instructors Association. Our driving instructor in South Croydon lives locally and is familiar with the local roads and Croydon Test Centre.

South Croydon is over shadowed by Croydon town centre to the north and extends south from Coombe Road to Sanderstead and Selsdon. To the west are Purley and Wallington.

From the Purley one-way system, Pampisford Road rises steadily uphill between Purley Way and Brighton Road to a mini roundabout junction with Edgehill. To the left it crosses Purley Way at a traffic light junction to Highfield Road and takes the South Croydon driving instructor back to Purley. Turning right leads to Kingsdowne Avenue and Mount Park Avenue. Mount Park Avenue is a quiet road but the South Croydon driving school will find there are too many parked cars for the very new driver. The junction with Culmington Road though, is ideal for the reverse to the left. It is a dead end, so the main concern will be vehicles approaching from behind. Driver training in South Croydon should include good observation skills which can be developed here. To the right Culmington Road is fenced on both sides. There are no houses or parked cars and the turn in the road can be practised here, a slight slope adding to the challenge.

Blenheim Park

Blenheim Park Road has too many parked cars to be of any use as a training area for driving lessons in South Croydon. St Augustine Avenue continues to climb northwards and at the top before rejoining Pampisford Road there is enough space for more three point turn exercises and the parallel park. The corner with Tirlemont Road is a sharp one and suitable for reversing to the left; a much sharper corner than the one referred to earlier, but double yellow lines reduce the risk of parked cars limiting the manoeuvre.

Pampisford Road meets Harling Park Road and Waddon Way at a mini roundabout junction. It is a very sharp turn and South Croydon driver trainers should beware the idiot who cuts across from behind in order to get past the new driver. I wonder if these impatient drivers treat disabled roadusers with the same contempt. They probably do!

Hayling Park Road drops downhill to join Brighton Road. The other side leads to Selsdon Road which links up with Brighton Road and on to Croydon. To the south it leads south west to Selsdon at Addington Road. The shops and local businesses located around Brighton Road and South Croydon Station look rather shabby and run down after a number of years of neglect.

South Croydon Station leads to Croham Road, a great run to Selsdon for the new driver and their driving lessons in South Croydon. It is a clear run all the way and a chance for the new driver to drive for a couple of miles without prompt (hopefully) and get the feel of driving unassisted. It becomes Farley Road as it leads on to Selsdon. To the left it becomes Croham Valley Road. There is a slight uphill gradient but it is quiet enough to be used for a controls lesson including moving away and stopping for the brand new driver. The area is frequented by a number of South Croydon Driving Schools.

The junction with Croham Valley Road and Crest Road is a great place for reversing to the left. An open rounded corner with little passing traffic and clear for good observation. There is a post box on the opposite corner, so watch out for vehicles stopping on the junction to post a letter or two. Chestnut Grove, further on, is another useful junction for reversing to the left. Less space here at the top of the hill with parked cars but continues with a left turn into Chapel View and The Buffetts. This completes a left circuit. A left emerge and brief run along Ballards Way to Crest Road brings the new driver back into the same area. South Croydon driving tuition can be expanded to include right turns and emerging right before taking on the more demanding Coombe road. The roads to the left lead back to Croham Road and there is a double mini roundabout as the car is brought back towards Croydon Town Centre.

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