Driving Lessons in Morden SM4

Morden is the end of the line – The Northern line, that is! It draws a lot of commuter traffic to the Underground Station and is a busy location throughout the day and early evening. Situated on the A24 it is a direct link from Wimbledon to Sutton, Epsom and beyond. It has its own Test Centre at Lower Morden close to the junction of Tudor Drive and Stonecot Hill.

Like most built up areas, Morden driving schools can find it difficult to find places to develop their pupils after the initial controls lesson and moving away and stopping. There are possibilities fortunately not too far away. The roads off Farm Way and Colborne Way, North Cheam, can be used for introducing left and right turns. Emerging at junctions that are not too busy, will help develop clutch control and steering into the new road. There is also the other side of London Road North Cheam, where Henley Avenue leads on to Windsor Avenue. There are a number of side roads in the vicinity which are not too demanding. Watch out for the schools in the area though. If the Morden driving lessons are at the wrong time you could get caught up with the school run.

Both of these locations are used by driving instructors in Morden to explain and practise all of the manoeuvres. Henley Avenue has a mini roundabout at the junction with Staines Avenue and is suitable for the novice driver to get familiar with the disciplines required to negotiate them. Cannon Hill Lane is another favourite for Morden driving instruction, especially for the turn in the road and parallel park.

Moving nearer the test centre to the roads between Stonecot Hill and Tudor Drive, your driving instructor covering Morden will find the roads much narrower and limited with parked cars and fewer passing places. These roads are great for getting to grips with learning to drive in Morden and meeting situations.


Roundabouts become more of an issue when the driving lessons extend to the busier Rose Hill roundabout. Fortunately it is controlled by traffic lights, as is the roundabout at the other end of St Helier Avenue, or at least partially. This leads on to Morden Town Centre. The roundabout there has no traffic lights and though very busy still retains the give way to the right principle. Moving past Morden Station you come to Crown House, an office block with an encircling gyratory system. From here, ahead leads towards the test centre and it becomes a two lane each way dual carriageway. Unlike St Helier Avenue which has a 40mph speed limit, this stretch of dual carriageway from London Road to Epsom Road is only 30mph, so beware your speed along here.

If you drive to the other side of the test centre towards Motspur Park, you will have to deal with the Beverley roundabout. Test candidates are advised not to face this direction for the early morning tests due to the school at the top of Grand Drive making it extremely busy. The Beverley roundabout is an odd shape, it is more square than rounded and you can easily cut these corners when steering to the right.

Finding somewhere to park before attending a driving test can mean a long walk for the driving instructor in Morden and his pupil. I have found it necessary on more than one occasion, to leave the test car across somebody’s drive. This has meant sending the test candidate to the test waiting room while staying with the car just in case I had to move it to allow access for the local resident. If you can’t park in Tudor Drive then Dudley Drive is the only other option.

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