Driving Lessons in Molesey KT8

Molesey is divided into East and West and is situated south of the River Thames between Hampton Court and Walton. The south is bounded by the River Mole and fed by Hampton Court Way and Ember Lane. Although there is through traffic via two roads running east and west, there are plenty of quiet roads for the Molesey driving instructor to structure lessons from the earliest moving away to the busier junctions within the area.

A short trip to Ennismore Gardens which runs parallel to Hampton Court Way and there are an excellent couple of roads to introduce the controls of the car and begin moving off and stopping. These roads are very limited for further development so I would expect the driving tuition to be moved to a different area for the next level of driver training in Molesey

The Drive and Grove Way just north of Esher Station are favourites with Molesey Driving Schools because they offer lots of junctions in quiet roads and are very useful for left, right turns and emerging. The junction with the Drive and Parkwood Avenue is great for explaining and practising the reverse to the left. Unlike many corners there is no problem with parked cars (perhaps I shouldn’t have said that!). Expanding the route further could lead the Molesey driving lesson to Douglas Road and two very tight left emerge junctions. These are well within the proximity of the River Mole Business Park and large lorries come and go throughout the day. Dealing with a narrow sharp right bend and bridge under the railway line will take the new driver behind Sandown Park Race Course back to the same starting place or the more demanding Esher town centre.

The Drive is also good for the turn in the road with very little camber to put off the new driver. There are enough cars to find somewhere suitable for the parallel park, though I prefer to cross Ember Lane and use Oaklands Avenue for these two manoeuvres.


Creating a route for the more developed trainee driver will lead many Molesey driving instructors to Beauchamp Road which runs parallel to Walton Road. A variety of junctions will take the driver to Island Farm Road and Central Avenue - yet another industrial estate. From here though, Molesey driving lessons become more advanced as Pool Road meets Molesey Road. Turning left will take you on to a 40mph stretch of open road down to Hersham and the Barley Mow roundabout. This is a busy junction requiring more than basic skills to avoid any hesitation emerging on to the roundabout. The first exit left continues initially at 40mph to return to Esher town centre and back to Molesey via Esher Station.

For a small town like Molesey, it always surprises me how busy the main through road gets. Walton Road frequently gets congested, not so much by the volume of traffic, but by parked vans and lorries unloading goods. Experienced drivers don’t always plan their way around these obstructions very well and this leads to unnecessary hold ups. The roads off of Walton Road are very narrow with parked cars having to be left partly on the kerb to allow access. These are good areas to learn to drive in Molesey, especially with meeting and dealing with restrictions in narrow roads.

Hurst Road running parallel to the north of Walton Road is much more open and only restricted with possible congestion by the supermarket next to Buckingham Avenue. You have access nearby to a public car park adjacent to the river and this is an ideal spot for parking bay practise.

There is no test centre in the immediate vicinity. A trip to Tolworth or the more distant Isleworth and Chertsey test centres will be necessary on the appointed day.

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