Driving Lessons in Isleworth TW7

Isleworth is bordered by the River Thames to the East and Hounslow to the West. The Great West Road the A4 stands as its northern boundary and to the south the A316 Chertsey Road.

There is a test centre servicing Isleworth and the surrounding area. It is located at Worton Hall, Worton Road. A large old building set in its own grounds; it houses a number of businesses and the Driving Standards Agency leases two rooms on the ground floor. Sadly in the 21st century there are no toilet facilities, which is just great for a nervous test candidate! As if there isn’t enough to think about already!

Although there is a parking area allocated for test candidates, they are not designated parking bays. Reversing onto a parking bay is not available at this test centre. The only parking exercise would be the parallel park in a road situation.

Isleworth Driving Schools are seen all the time in Ellerdine Road, an unusual three-sided road layout very close to the test centre. Once your pupil has mastered moving away and stopping local driving instructors in Isleworth can take them round and round and round – on a never ending route. Heath Road, Hall Road and Central Road represent an outer triangular perimeter with link roads in between, so there are opportunities to develop into these roads as well. All manoeuvres can be taught in this location. The area is popular with Isleworth driving instructors but not, as you might imagine, with the local residents.

When you learn to drive in Isleworth you will find there are a number of mini roundabouts in the locality with varying levels of difficulty. Whitton Dene by Hall Road has two very close to each other. There is another to the west, crossing Whitton Road and Kneller Road into some quiet roads suitable for manoeuvres. These are all test areas. Just along from the two mini roundabouts is Arnold Crescent, which is used on test for the parallel park and turn in the road. At the eastern end of Whitton Dene is a five-way roundabout if you include access to the Tesco’s supermarket and another access to West Middlesex Drainage Works. It is a busy junction requiring good observation and prompt action to emerge onto the roundabout.


The seriously busy roundabouts though, are those accessing and crossing the A316. They are so busy they became traffic light controlled, the exception being London Road roundabout, leading to Twickenham to the south. It is a fast free flowing junction interrupted only by a set of pedestrian lights on the Chertsey Road. When the roundabouts are traffic light controlled, it makes right turns difficult for correct lane positioning as the red light breaks up the flow and the new driver can get caught in the wrong lane. It may be necessary to return to the left after leaving the junction. This is perfectly acceptable for Isleworth driving tuition providing there is good use of the nearside mirror.

There are two options for Driving Schools in Isleworth when it comes to town driving. There is High Street Whitton, which is great for dealing with parked cars pulling out at any time and pedestrians stepping out from anywhere and everywhere. There are zebra crossings at each end and a pelican crossing midway between the two. The road is also very narrow for a busy High Street. The other option, on a grander scale is Hounslow. Here the Isleworth driving instructor can include buses, bus lanes and a one-way system in their driver training. With the bus garage situated at the junction with Kingsley Road to the north and London Road east to west, it can be a great opportunity to take advantage of the many bus routes for driving lessons Isleworth to include assessing and overtaking buses at bus stops - or not!

North east of Isleworth, just up from the West Middlesex Hospital, is Gillette Corner, a multi-lane crossroads which accesses the Great West Road A4. Heading west along the three lane carriageway will take the new driver back to Hounslow and south to Isleworth again.

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