Driving Lessons Hinchley Wood KT10

Hinchley Wood lies in the north east corner of KT10 Esher. It is a residential area with a few local shops that have built up around its railway station. The A309 is the main intersection, a dual carriageway linking Surbiton and Chessington to Esher and the south west. To the north is Hampton Court and the route south leads to Claygate.

The location is very good for Hinchley Wood driving lessons. Langley Avenue, Surbiton and its adjacent roads can be used for the initial introduction to driving. The Hinchley Wood driving instructor can then develop routes through Long Ditton to Hinchley Wood itself.

The area is within Tolworth test routes and Greenwood Road off Manor Road North is one of several roads used for manoeuvres. Crescent shaped, the only cars seen in the road belong to local residents and their services – and driving schools! Hinchley Wood Driving Schools are not popular here and there are regular complaints to the Driving Standards Agency about inconsiderate driving instructors practising manoeuvres with their pupils. They cause blockages and generally hinder the movement of its residents. Local driving instructors should not allow their pupils to start a manoeuvre if for example, there is already a new driver in the middle of a three point turn. It turns the road into a slalom for the hard-pressed local resident!

Crossing the A309 Kingston-By-Pass, Manor Road South leads to Claygate. This is another residential area, and it is enclosed by the A3 which loops round in a sweeping curve towards Cobham. Just off Manor Road South is Greenways. This is a narrow local road which Driving Schools in Hinchley Wood find suitable for the parallel park exercise and in particular, the Emergency Stop. It’s nice and straight with few parked cars and generally quiet. Just what’s needed!

There is a shortage of corners for learning to reverse to the left, so driving tuition for this exercise might be introduced away from the area. There are limited possibilities in Couchmore Avenue and Montgomery Ave. Thorkhill Road has a couple of tight corners but these depend on availability with so many parked cars in the local roads.


There aren’t many smaller roundabouts in the immediate vicinity either, apart from the two mini roundabouts s at Long Ditton. Driving instructors in Hinchley Wood have to travel further a field to find suitable one’s to practise on. Once the new driver is feeling more confident with roundabouts then moving on to the local dual carriageway can provide much larger challenges e.g. the Scilly Isles. This is a double roundabout linking the A309 with Esher, Hampton Court and Kingston-Upon-Thames. The two-lane dual carriageway leads to Claygate Lane, another roundabout just east of Hinchley Wood. Local driving instruction in Hinchley Wood should include this junction especially going ahead and keeping to the left lane. Straight-lining it or cutting across the two lanes is not considered good practice and needs to be highlighted.

Another tricky junction is Montgomery Avenue where it joins The Kingston-By-Pass. You have to turn left on to it (so no signal required), but the driver’s view is limited by a curve in the road and is partially blocked by a tree. Essential that the new driver waits for both lanes to be clear from the right before venturing on to the faster 40mph road. A vehicle in the overtaking right hand lane could move to the left at the same time as the pupil moves out!

Angel Road, off Manor Road North, and its associate roads are great for practising meeting traffic in narrow roads. Parked cars turn it into a single lane road and spotting passing places is essential for safely making progress without disrupting the general movement of vehicles from both directions. There is a blind bend close to the junction with Thorkhill Road and this requires special care before committing oneself to go ahead.

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