Driving Lessons in Hanworth TW13, Middlesex

Hanworth is dominated by the Uxbridge Road which cuts its way north west to Feltham from Apex Corner, a major intersection with the A316. This in turn is cut by Hounslow Road at Hanworth Library and leads north east to Hounslow. The north west route is a direct link to Heathrow and to the south lays Sunbury and Hampton.

Hanworth driving schools can find some quiet roads, though they are limited by the volume of through traffic and short cuts that drivers take to avoid congestion.

Further to the south is Buckingham Road, which can be used by Hanworth driving instructors for the very first lesson for a new driver. It is a straight length of road and can be used for moving off and stopping at the side of the road. As the new driver gets to grips with the car controls the Hanworth driving lessons can be developed by emerging on to Hampton Lane. The new driver can turn left at the mini roundabout and drive along Swan Road to the next mini roundabout and turn left immediately afterwards for Oak Avenue towards Hampton. Thus getting a circuit going that will bring the driving lesson in Hanworth back to the start.

This is a good area for Driving School in Hanworth to explain and practise the various manoeuvres that are required. The top of Buckingham Road, the dead end bit, is great for the turn in the road and parallel park. There are a few parked cars to watch out for and failing that, further along Buckingham Road is suitable but there is through traffic to contend with if the manoeuvre is new to the pupil. A couple of corners along here are okay for the reverse to the left but again is subject to parked cars being in the way. If the local driving instructor in Hanworth and pupil drive into Tangley Park Road, which accesses the back end of Sainsbury’s, there are parking bays to practise parking.

Wigley road

Another good area for Driving Schools in Hanworth is the appropriately named Wigley Road. It winds its way from Pevensey Road off Hounslow Road to Uxbridge Road. This is really good for practising dealing with oncoming traffic approaching bends and turns. The other roads Woodlawn Drive, Meadow Road and Eastbourne Road tend to attract drivers cutting around the Hanworth Library junction so can be too busy if this is a new skill being taught.

The A316 passes through Hanworth between Apex Corner to the East and Sunbury Cross to the west with two roundabouts in between. This section is a fly over with a speed limit of 50mph, so access is from slip roads to and from the roundabouts. A good opportunity for Hanworth driving instruction to expand on to the faster roads and develop the skills of timing and matching speeds to blend into the flow of faster traffic.

The two nearest test centres are Ashford and Isleworth, neither of which has dedicated parking bays. Therefore reversing on to a parking bay is not part of the driving test at these two locations. The only parking manoeuvre included in the test would be the parallel park.

Once your new driver has reached test standard and you really want to practise dealing with other traffic then the only place for driving instructors in Hanworth to go, is Hanworth Road, Hampton at 3.00pm. This is when the schools come out. Not one, but three schools. You have Lady Eleanor Holles Girls school, Hampton School and Hampton Community College all shedding their pupils at the same time. The result can be chaos with parents trying to park in the only remaining space and buses loaded up with schoolchildren hoping some helpful driver will let them through. Lovely!

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