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Hampton sits on the north side of the river Thames between Hampton Court and Sunbury. There is no river crossing so traffic heading across the river has to approach from either Walton or Hampton Court Bridge. Hampton is a direct link to the west and northwest, linking air travellers to Heathrow Airport and road traffic to the M3, M4 and M25. A major commuting route.

Driving Schools in Hampton have limited locations for teaching new drivers the necessary skills to pass their driving test and developing them into experienced drivers. Ormond Crescent is quiet enough for the first driving lesson in Hampton. Introducing the vehicle controls, moving off and stopping can all be covered with little disturbance from passing traffic. The adjacent roads, though not ideal, can be used to explain and practise left, right turns and emerging. The problem is traffic calming with road width restrictions, humps and parked cars. Add that to the coming and going of passing traffic and the Hampton driving instructor will have to keep an eye on safeguarding the new pupil from any anxious moments.

Ormond Crescent is suitable for the turn in the road exercise and nearby Manor Gardens can be used to practise reversing around a corner, but perhaps not initially. The junction is quite busy at times and a little experience before attempting this corner might be better.

The best spot for the driving instructor in Hampton to go through the turn in the road is the dead end part of Buckingham Road up by Old Farm Road. Avoid the drives of the local residents though. We want to discourage any disturbance to them. The same section of the road could be used for the parallel park manoeuvre. There are a couple of corners further along Buckingham Road for the left hand reverse but these can be blocked by parked cars. Langley Park Road accesses the rear car park to Sainsbury’s and when it is quiet, parking bay manoeuvres could be taught.

A natural development to learn to drive in Hampton, is to follow Buckingham Road to Hampton Lane and the mini roundabout by Swan Road. Turning left there takes the Hampton driving lesson left to Oak Avenue and via Courtlands Avenue back to the start. Repeating the route in the opposite direction will help develop right turns and emerging to the right as well.

Early lessons

Driving instruction in Hampton is restricted for the early lessons but once the pupil is more competent, there is an ample supply of roundabouts from the mini roundabout already mentioned right up to the roundabouts accessing the A316, in particular Apex Corner.

As a topic, meeting traffic in roads with parked cars seems straightforward enough, but it can prove to be particularly difficult for some new drivers. The first problem is recognising the developing situation and judging the speed of the oncoming vehicle. The layout of parked cars, junctions and spaces between the parked cars all have to be assessed by the new driver. The pupil is unable to accept that the other driver is assessing them at the same time and the tendency is to steer to the left without thought. The Hampton driving school needs to realise this and cover the driving tuition at some length in theory and then in practise before taking on Broad Lane for example. Practise first in quiet roads to see how the oncoming driver reacts. This will give the new driver more time to work out whether they should give way or make the commitment to proceed.

Hampton does not have a test centre locally. The nearest are in Ashford, Chertsey, Isleworth and Tolworth. All driving tests should be the same but Chertsey and Tolworth have parking bays and the test candidate could be asked to reverse on to a bay for the parking exercise. This would be instead of the parallel park. Ashford and Isleworth do not have that facility so no parking bay at these two test centres.

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