Driving Lessons in Ham

We are a recommended Ham driving school established over 12 years. We offer quality driving tuition by an instructor registered with the Driving Standards Agency and a member of the Driving Instructors Association. Our driving instructor in Ham is very familiar with the local roads and those around the Tolworth test centre.

Ham is dare I say it - a hamlet, cushioned north and east by Richmond and Richmond Park, the River Thames to the west and Kingston-Upon-Thames to the south. It is an ideal training ground for new drivers. Driving instructors in Ham can develop from the initial controls lesson to the busier Richmond Road which links Richmond to Kingston.

The best starting place is Riverside Drive where the Ham driving instructor can go through the controls of the car and begin the moving off and stopping exercises. It is a wide road with few parked cars and subsequently little interference to passing cars. In fact, local residents are so used to driving tuition in Ham, that they are generally very patient with new drivers.

Riverside Drive has a mini roundabout at the junction with Ashburnham Road and leads on to a narrow stretch to the junction with Ham Street. The road is very narrow, so local residents only park on their side of the road, leaving just a single lane passing a children’s playground and a green open space. The humps along here are very high and there is damage to the road surface where drivers have taken them too fast and scraped the road as cars have dipped on their suspension.

Ham House

Ham House, a historical building and local tourist attraction, draws some traffic together with other recreational facilities including tennis courts and a shooting club. There are horse riding stables attached to the Ham House outer buildings and this is a regular challenge for Ham driving lessons.

The access to Ham House leads to a car park by the river; this can partly flood with high tides, the furthest reach of the tide before Teddington Lock. It is possible for Ham driving instructors to practise a rectangular steering circuit if the car park is clear, though occasionally it gets taken over by film units and their entourage when filming television programmes or historical films within the setting of Ham House.

Leaving the car park, Ham Street has a gentle gradient as it approaches the Ham House access road and is excellent for hill exercises such as finding the biting point so the car won’t roll backwards and generally getting the student to feel more confident for future demands on their clutch control.

The other end of Ham Street leading towards Ham Common is just too narrow and it might be better for Ham driver training to avoid going that way until the student is more experienced at dealing with oncoming traffic. Ashburnham Road, mentioned earlier, is better for practising meeting situations especially with its double bend by the local shops.

More shops can be found when the Ham driving tuition expands into the High Street. There is a zebra crossing, which is an ideal subject for hazard awareness and planning, and is best covered as a topic before venturing on to the main road.

Off Dukes Avenue are Dysart Road and Burnell Road where a driving lesson in Ham can include manoeuvres. Burnell Road is wide enough with few passing cars and has only a slight camber so the car is less likely to run away from the new driver. A couple of corners are also available in the next road for reversing to the left.

The roundabout at Sandy Lane is a good introduction; a three way access on to Richmond Road and within a 20mph zone. Roundabouts are few, just the one at the end of Ashburnham Road comes to mind, but there are some along Tudor Drive into Kingston.

When the time comes the nearest practical test centres are Tolworth the other side of Kingston and Isleworth, north of Richmond.

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