Start your driving lessons today in Fetcham with our excellent team of driving instructors. We have been teaching students in Fetcham and across Surrey how to drive for over 15 years.

Each of our driving instructors has undergone rigorous training as well as additional training as part of our driving school.

We have built our school based on our reputation and as you will see from our recommendations page, we have received hundreds of positive reviews from people who we have helped to pass their practical tests.

Learning to drive can be a stressful experience. There are lots of new things to learn - the controls of the car, the traffic laws, signs and appropriate driving behaviour. You may also not be that familiar with the roads around Fetcham as walking your walking routes may be quite different to your driving routes. All of this combines with naturally wanting to pass your test as quickly as possible.

Our instructors recognise these feeling and will work with you to ensure you move through each part of your lessons at an appropriate speed. They will work through all of the different areas that you need to cover in order to pass your test but also to ensure that you are a safe and comfortable driver - we want you to feel comfortable behind the wheel and enjoy the driving experience.


  • Complete driving lesson according to DSA outline
  • Friendly driving instructors
  • No car sharing
  • Free local pick-up
  • DSA approved learning material
  • Thorough practise of driving during all lessons
  • Taste of all type of road conditions and layouts during learning

Each of our driving instructors are fully qualified and DSA approved to ensure that you learn to drive in a fun, cooperative, friendly and relaxed environment.

Start your driving lessons

If you are ready to start or perhaps you have a few questions that we have not answered here, please get in touch. You can e-mail us at call us on 0800 804 6899 to speak to our friendly and experienced staff.


Instructors Wanted!

We are recruiting driving instructors to join our team. If you are already qualified then please get in touch or if you are interested in becoming a driving instructor, you can find out more about our instructor training courses.