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We cover Ewell and all three Epsom postcodes KT17, KT18 and KT19. We have been an established driving school for over twelve years now. All of our driving instructors are registered and monitored by the Driving Standards Agency and are members of the Driving Instructors Association.

As members of Checkatrade, we are monitored and vetted by them. You are safe in our hands. Our driving instructors in Epsom are familiar with the local roads and those around the nearest test centres.

Epsom does have some quiet roads to help develop the new driver. Nonsuch Court Avenue, in Ewell, is good for turning left, right and emerging from side roads. There are gradients here suitable for hill exercises. Nonsuch Walk, off Cheam Road is another location. Northey Avenue, which comes under Sutton, is close enough for Epsom driving instructors to get to, for a controls lesson and early training. The other side of Epsom offers Manor Green Road and its adjacent roads, though quiet, these are too narrow with parked cars for early practise. I would not recommend these roads for the brand new driver.

For the more demanding task of meeting and dealing with oncoming traffic, your instructor will find narrow roads and parked cars make it more challenging. A route via Hollymoor Lane, off Longmead Road provides just that! There is a sharp bend by the shops and parked cars out of view means anticipating an oncoming vehicle is really important for the new driver. If lessons include Blenheim Road in the route, you have the ideal roundabout for practising these disciplines also. Add a recycling centre and bus station – what more could you want?

Manoeuvre training

Finding places to teach the manoeuvres is not too difficult. The quieter roads off Northey Avenue and Nonsuch Court Avenue offer places for reversing to the left. The parallel park should be practised, at first anyway, alongside a car with nothing parked opposite. At least then, if a car does come along it is able to pass and this avoids unnecessary pressure on the learner driver trying to add this exercise to their repetoire.

Approaching Epsom from Rushett Lane, Malden Rushett, there is a stretch of national speed limit. For a single lane this is 60mph for a car (without trailer). This is soon restricted to 40 and then 30 as the surrounding area becomes more residential. A couple of roundabouts along this route towards Epsom Town Centre add to more practise for positioning. Epsom is signposted to the right on approach to both as the road opens up to two lanes. Your instructor could also include the roundabouts along Horton Lane which number about 6 if you go as far as Ruxley Lane, Ewell.

Epsom town centre is a convergence of routes from all directions and during busy times (most times) gets very congested. Great for the more experienced trainee driver for lane positioning and dealing with slow moving traffic. Epsom driver training can include the one-way route around the Ashley Shopping Centre.

There are plenty of dual carriageways in the surrounding area for driver training in Epsom. The Ewell-by-pass for example leads from the A3 at Tolworth to Ewell and the main A217 route to the south. This route includes the “mad mile” which runs from Belmont to Banstead. The so-called “mad mile” used to be at the national speed limit of 70mph but is now limited to 60mph. There are opportunities for the new driver to take on faster speeds and gain the confidence that goes with it.

Epsom cannot be mentioned without some reference to the racecourse, situated south of the town centre between Tadworth and Ashstead. There are some rural roads close to the racecourse, Langley Vale Road comes to mind, a single carriageway with bends and hills where plenty of forward planning and anticipation is needed. Overall there is a good mix of different driving conditions which can be utilised to develop new drivers for safe driving for life.

What's included

  • Complete Driving Lesson according to DSA outline
  • Friendly Driving instructors
  • No car sharing
  • Free Local pick up
  • DSA approved learning material
  • Thorough practice of driving during all lessons
  • Taste of all type of road conditions and layouts during learning.


All of our driving instructors are fully qualified and DSA approved. You can be confident that you will receive the best possible lessons in a fun, cooperative, friendly and relaxed environment. We want to help teach you so that you can develop the safest driving skills and the best driving habits at the best possible price to enable you to become a fully confident driver.

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We provide a range of driving courses in Epsom and the surrounding areas. Each lesson is carefully planned to help you get the most from it and pass in the quickest possible time.

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