Start your driving lessons in Ealing with your instructors at Hamilton driving school.

We have been teaching people to drive for over 12 years and have a team of instructors who are able to help you pass your test.

Learning to drive can be a scary experience. There are lots of things to learn and of course, everyone wants to pass their test and start driving on their own as soon as possible.

Whilst we understand this, our goal is to make you a safe driver and a considerate road user. Each lesson you will be challenged to make sure that you are making constant progress however we do so in a relaxed way so that there is no added pressure.

We usually start your first lesson by taking you to one of the quiet roads in Ealing where there is not much traffic. This allows you to get behind the wheel and familiarise yourself with the controls of the car, set up your mirrors and adjust your seat.

Once ready, we will head off. This part is usually the most exciting but most difficult part, particularly if you are learning in a manual car. Your instructor will be beside you the entire time though and able to help you move up through the gears and they will help you making your first manoeuvres.

As your lessons progress, we will start taking you on longer journeys in busier parts of the town and get you used to all types of roads and junctions, including roundabouts.

You will soon become familiar with the car, moving up and down through the gears and responding to the instructor’s signals.

As time goes on, we will further prepare you for your test by asking you questions about the highway code and what various road signs mean. It is important that you study the Highway code in your spare time in order to get ready for the driving theory test but by questioning you in the car, it makes for a more realistic driving scenario.

What the lessons cover

Your driving lessons will cover everything that you need in order to prepare you for the practical driving test. Your instructor will keep notes of areas that you have covered and bits that may need extra work but once ready, they will let you know when is a good time to book your test.

Contact us

For more information on learning to drive in Ealing, please get in touch with our friendly and helpful team. We will be able to answer any of your questions or help you book your first driving lesson. For more information please e-mail us from our contact page or call us on 0800 804 6899


We're Open

Thank you for your patients during this time of uncertainty. We are pleased to announce from 12 April 2021 we will be resuming Covid-19 secure lessons following government guidelines. Please contiune to be patient as we already have a waiting list so are expecting the next few months to be extremely busy while we adjust.

If you have a lesson booked with us please ensure you read our Covid-19 information page which includes information on what you can expect during your driving lesson

Thank you for your continued support.

Hamilton School of Motoring