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We are a recommended driving school covering Claygate. We have been established over 12 years and all of our instructors are registered with the Driving Standards Agency. They are also members of the Driving instructors Association. Our instructor in Claygate is very familiar with the roads in Claygate and those around Tolworth test centre.

Claygate is located in Esher postcode KT10 and lays within the A3 as its boundary to the south and west. To the north is the Kingston by pass. It is cut off from main through routes and traffic is only local or those servicing the area.

The town centre is basically The Parade, a “no through road” accessing the station. There is a Somerfield supermarket opposite The Parade in Ham Lane. Apart from that, there’s not much else. There are a handful of shops and businesses at the mini roundabout junctions with Ham Lane, Littleworth Lane and Milbourne Lane.

There are not many roads suitable for the early novice driver to practise left and right turn or emerging from the left and right. Foley Road and its associated roads have possibilities for driving lessons in Claygate but parked cars are always the problem in narrow winding roads. It is possible to create a circuit here but beware school times to avoid getting embroiled with the school run at Claygate Primary School. Most Claygate Driving Schools tend to take their new driver to Langley Avenue, Surbiton for the initial driving lessons. It is just so much easier for the new pupil to concentrate on the task of learning to drive without feeling intimidated by narrow roads

There are a number of places where Claygate driving instructors can take their pupils for manoeuvres though. The bottom end of Coverts Road can be used for the turn in the road. It has a camber to deal with and a surprising number of passing cars for a dead end which accesses an estate in Holroyd Road. Telegraph Road is another location for the turn in the road bordered by grass verges with few passing cars and is another dead end.

Clutch Control

Beaconsfield Road is good for hill exercises and clutch control practise. It can be made very clear by driving instructors in Claygate how important it is to have the clutch pedal high enough that the car will not roll backwards with the slope of the road. This leads on to moving away uphill and further explanation for moving away downhill.

Brendon drive behind the Swan pub and its junction with Brendon Close can be used by Driving Schools in Claygate for the reverse to the left. To approach it will require using a turning area at the end of the Brendon Drive. The Avenue at its junction with Meadow Road is another corner which is great for the reverse to the left. There is a busy access from Oaken Lane so observation and giving way will be paramount. Another possibility is Applegarth off Telegraph Lane, reversing to the left and controlling the car down a slope will require precision here.

The parallel park is probably going to be limited to Gordon Road as there are few roads quiet enough to introduce this manoeuvre and here even, as the number of parked cars increases there are less spaces big enough. Driving tuition in Claygate could try Rythe Road which leads on from Rayleigh Road near the Swan pub though. It is a dead end and suitable also for the turn in the road.

Behind Somerfields in Ham Lane is a public car park. This can be used for Claygate driving lessons to introduce bay parking. During the day midweek there is little activity so it is straightforward to find a spot within the car park to practise and not interfere with other drivers.

Claygate driver training can be expanded into other areas as the new driver develops. Woodstock via Red Lane or Stephens Lane, is a single carriageway 40mph road leading to Chessington. The opposite end of Claygate, Milbourne Lane leads to the A244 which provides access to the A3 and more rural roads towards Leatherhead or Esher in the opposite direction. Hinchley Wood leads towards Surbiton and Tolworth; Tolworth being the nearest test centre.

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