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We are a recommended Chessington driving school established over 12 years and offering good quality driving tuition. All of our instructors are registered with the Driving Standards Agency and are also members of the Driving Instructor’s Association. Our driving instructor in Chessington is very familiar with the local roads and the routes around the Tolworth test centre.

Chessington lies on the southside of the A3 at the intersection with the A243, a direct link to junction 9 of the M25. The area is a major commuting route which also attracts a lot of traffic to the Chessington World of Adventure. This lies on the A243 just south of Chessington South Station.

Finding areas for driving lessons in Chessington is difficult, especially for the brand new novice driver. Most Chessington driving instructors tend to take their new pupils to Langley Avenue Surbiton for the initial introduction to driving. At least learning to drive there can be a little less intimidating. When the pupil develops more, the routes can be extended to the roads to and from Hinchley Wood and Claygate. This does introduce the new driver to Tolworth test routes and includes Woodstock Lane, a 40mph country road about a mile or so in length.

To and from Surbiton and Tolworth, access has to be via the Tolworth roundabout. The other route involves crossing the Hook roundabout. The Tolworth roundabout became so busy they introduced part time traffic lights some years ago to help control the flow of vehicles. The advantage when you want to learn to drive is this turns the roundabout into a series of traffic light junctions and there is no giving way to the right. This is not the case with the Hook roundabout which has a continuous flow of traffic all day long and can be very stressful to the new driver when they start practising this busy junction.

Jubilee way is the most open road in Chessington, though it does have an industrial estate and larger vehicles can be found in the area. There is a width restriction at one end of the road to keep these larger vehicles away from some of the residential roads. The width restriction has two accesses, for buses as well as cars, and I have seen cars use the bus access illegally (it’s wider and tempting). It is particularly awkward lying on a bend which leads down to the A3 via access to the Hook roundabout.


If your driving instructor in Chessington is looking for narrow roads and parked cars, then they need look no further than Somerset Avenue and its adjacent roads which also have several tight and sharp corners. Anticipating meeting other vehicles is paramount if you are going to negotiate these sharp narrow bends and is a great practise area for planning ahead. There are a couple of corners for manoeuvres but your driving tuition in Chessington would probably mean travelling to a different locality to practise these elsewhere.

The Hook Road which leads south from the Ace of Spades roundabout is a two lane dual carriageway up as far as the Bridge Road roundabout. It is limited to 30mph with a speed camera near the recently refurbished library just waiting for offenders.


To sum up, driving instruction in Chessington KT9 is limited for the early lessons and Chessington driving schools tend to take their pupils to Surbiton initially. As the pupil develops routes can be extended via Claygate and Hinchley Wood. Crossing the A3 via Toworth and Hook requires more confidence in dealing with the larger multi-lane roundabouts and of course links to introducing dual carriageway driving. There are slip road or acceleration lanes to be covered and the A3, a three lane dual carriageway each way, is almost as good as a motorway for higher speed driving.

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