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Hamilton School of Motoring is a driving school which has been established for over 15 years and offer excellent driving lessons in Cheam. We have a number of instructors and are really flexible so you can choose the type of car (manual or automatic) that you would like to learn in, your instructor and your lessons times.

We realise that learning to drive is a commitment and so we try to make things as easy as possible for you, working around your college or works hours.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of students pass their driving test. You can take a look at our recommendations page to see the latest testimonials written by our students.

Each of our instructors has undergone rigorous training and are registered by the Driving Standards Agency. They are also members of the Driving Instructors Association. Your driving instructors are very familiar with the local roads and those around the nearest test centres; namely Lower Morden, Sutton and Tolworth. As members of Checkatrade we are monitored and vetted, ensuring best business practice at all times.

Cheam is a suburban area cushioned by Sutton to the East, Ewell and Epsom to the South. Cheam is an ideal location, if there is such a thing on today’s busy roads, for learning to drive. There are a number of relatively quiet areas developing to the more demanding through-routes and main junctions. There are also opportunities for dual carriageway driving as the new driver gets more experienced.

When the new driver begins with their very first lesson, their instructor will take them somewhere quiet having checked that their provisional driving license is in order and that their eyesight is up to the legal standard to drive. The initial lesson will be spent mainly going through the controls of the car, in particular spending time on the clutch, the gears and steering technique. Because this is quite time consuming some instructors prefer the first driving lesson to be longer than one hour, perhaps 90 minutes or two hours, otherwise there may not be enough time to actually take the car for a spin as well as learning the fundamentals.

Driving lessons in cheam

We are extremely proud of our entire team here at Hamilton. From the admin team who will help you book your first lesson to our instructors who will teach you the basics, right through to helping you pass your test. Here are a few reasons why we're really proud of our driving school:

Our personal skills

Everyone here, especially the driving instructors, have great personal skills. They like it listen to what's bothering you, where you need help with your driving skills. They listen, find ways to help you and then guide you through the steps. There's no rushing, just helping and making sure you are a better driver and, perhaps more importantly, making you feel confident enough so that you realise that you are a good driver.


Each member of our team is highly qualified and has years' of experience not only driving but also teaching others to drive. Becoming a driving instructor is difficult and rightly so - only the best should pass and be able to teach others how to drive. Each member of our team is qualified, insured and encouraged to further develop their teaching skills as often as possible.


Just like any teaching profession, driving instructors need to be patient. We realise that you are under enough stress already - this is a big thing to do, learning to drive - the last thing you need is someone screaming at you! Our team are extremely patient, kind and understanding. We've all been where you are right now and we remember how scary it was. We are here to help and whether we're driving round country lanes or flying along the dual carriageway, we will be here to help and guide you through what to do if the unexpected happens.


Lesson locations

Your first lesson could begin behind North Cheam. Glyn Road and its adjacent roads can be a bit of a cut through for drivers avoiding the North Cheam main junction, but there are opportunities to introduce left / right turns and emerging at junctions. Fortunately the roads are limited by humps, so local or passing vehicles cannot go very fast and will be less intimidating. Subject to parked cars, we have several junctions available for introducing and practising the reverse around a corner; both rounded and sharp. The turn in the road exercise and parallel parking can also be introduced.

Another useful and probably better area for the brand new driver is York Road and the surrounding roads between Belmont and Sutton. Your driving instructor will find roads without humps and more opportunity and as the new driver develops, they will introduce third gear and explain the emergency stop. There is also a mini roundabout crossing Cheam Road, which leads to Gander Green Lane. The rules for roundabouts can be covered ideally before taking the junction on, because both Gander Green Lane and Cheam Road are busy through-routes and it is important that the theory is covered before practise.

The roads behind Nonsuch Park are also useful for practising junctions and the various manoeuvres. There are some useful gradients for teaching control of the car on a hill including hill starts and the effect of coasting.

The part trained driver can really begin to develop a variety of routes including the Sutton One-Way System, Rose Hill Roundabout and the faster roads like the Brighton Road with its speed limit of 60mph, known locally as “The Mad Mile.” It used to be “National Speed Limit” (70mph), but following a review a few years ago, the speed limit was reduced.

Dealing with the variety of main junctions linking the nearest test centres will certainly help the new driver develop their forward planning and so prepare them for a lifetime of safe UK driving.

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Instructors Wanted!

We are recruiting driving instructors to join our team. If you are already qualified then please get in touch or if you are interested in becoming a driving instructor, you can find out more about our instructor training courses.