With over 12 years' of experience we have taught many students in and around Barnes how to drive. We are extremely proud of our history and of the reviews that we receive from our students. We try to update our 'recommendations' page on a weekly basis with the latest comments from students who have just passed their driving tests. You can also visit our Checkatrade page for even more testimonials from students who have had driving lessons in Barnes from our team of driving instructors.

As a Driving Standards Agency (DSA) approved driving school, we realise how important it is not just to offer students the ability to learn the skills required for driving but also to back those up with patience, care and attention. There is no point pushing you too hard or too fast - that's not how people learn. We want all of our students to pass their driving tests as quickly as possible but the most important thing is that your driving lessons are calm, engaging and at the end of it you are a safe and confident driver.

Learning to drive in Barnes is a pleasure. There's just the right mix of quiet roads for when you start your lessons through to busier roads with lots of traffic lights to enable you to practise your clutch control.

Your first lesson will usually take place in a quiet road where there aren't any other cars getting in the way. It's the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the car and the controls without having to worry about blocking the road of stalling the car.

On your first driving lesson you will become familiar with adjusting the car's seat and mirrors so that you can drive comfortably. You'll also get used to using the clutch (in manual cars) so that you can pull away and, move up and down the gears effectively.

Once you've got the basics, you'll begin to work on your steering, braking and observation skills. Driving isn't just about moving your car from A to B, it's about being aware of what's on the road, navigating and trying to observe potential hazards before they become a problem.

Once you have been driving for some time your driving instructor will let you know that you are ready to book your test. Waiting times can vary but your instructor will have a rough idea of how long the list is at the moment. In your spare time you should also be revising for the theory test and again, your driving instructor can help you with this by recommending reading materials and online tests that you can practise with.

What's included in your driving lessons

Everything you'll need to get you prepared for your test. Our instructors have years of experience and tailor each lesson to individual students. It's quite likely, if you are a younger driver, that you and your friends will be learning to drive at the same time. This is good as you can share knowledge and resources however do not let it become a competition on who can pass first. Everyone learns differently and at different speeds so relax, enjoy your lessons and focus on learning to drive - not who will pass first.

Here's a list of some of the things that are included in your driving lessons however if we've missed anything or something is not clear, please give our friendly team a call on 0800 804 6899.

  • Complete driving lesson according to DSA outline
  • Friendly driving instructors
  • No car sharing
  • Free local pick-up
  • DSA approved learning material
  • Thorough practise of driving during all lessons
  • Taste of all type of road conditions and layouts during learning.
  • Each of our driving instructors are fully qualified and DSA approved to ensure that you learn to drive in a fun, cooperative, friendly and relaxed environment.

We want you to develop the safest driving skills and the best driving habits at the best possible price.

If you have any particular requirements such as a manual or automatic car, a female instructor or a particular time that would be best for your lessons, please let us know. We will do our very best to make sure you receive exactly the right car, instructor and lesson times that are best for you.

All of our driving instructors are familiar with the areas around Barnes and are able to offer tailored driving lessons for each of our students. We have built our driving school on our reputation and word-of-mouth referrals so that's why we do our best to make sure that we can fit our lessons around you. Customer satisfaction is crucial so we will do everything we can to tailor your lessons around you.

Contact us

For more information or if you would like to book your first lesson with us, please contact us.


Instructors Wanted!

We are recruiting driving instructors to join our team. If you are already qualified then please get in touch or if you are interested in becoming a driving instructor, you can find out more about our instructor training courses.