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Hamilton School of Motoring is a local driving school and we cover Ashford and its surrounding area. Over the years we have received many recommendations from successful test candidates. Our driving instructors are all members of the Driving Instructors Association. They are, of course, registered with the Driving Standards Agency and as members of Checkatrade, we are monitored and vetted to ensure a high standard of business practice.

Geographically Ashford is a small area located between Staines and Feltham, with Shepperton to the south. The A30 and A308 routes in and out of London are natural borders north and south. Ashford has its own test centre situated in Church Road, the main High Street.

The Test Centre is located at the junction with Church Road and Fordbridge Road. There are parking bays on the slip road by the test centre, but these spaces are limited and for the start of the test it might be better for the Ashford driving instructor to park in one of the side roads. Clarendon Road, the first side road off Fordbridge Road next to the church would be the most likely road to offer a starting position for the driving test. At the end of the test the candidate will invariably be asked to park in Fordbridge Road. The ideal place for Ashford driving instructors to wait for the returning test is at the junction with Fordbridge Road and Clarendon Road.

Driving lessons in Ashford usually begin by taking students to some of the more residential areas, free from traffic.

Clarendon Road like so many other residential roads is not designed for the number of car owners in the UK and as there are no driveways there is no alternative but to park at the side of the road. Some roads have pavement parking to allow access for the emergency services – but not all. It is important in these roads for Ashford driving lessons to include looking well ahead for passing places on both sides of the road, so that when an oncoming car appears they can plan where to pass or give way and recognise where they might give way to you. This can’t be assumed though. Always look beyond the first car as following cars will need to be considered when planning where to pass.

Clarendon Road splits in a fork with Chaucer Road on its way to a mini roundabout. The mini roundabout crosses Woodthorpe Road on its way to Station road and the access to Ashford Station. There is Ford Road which links Chesterton Road with Wolsey, Chaucer and Clarendon Roads. Local Ashford Driving Schools will find it has possibilities for the turn in the road and parallel park exercises, parked cars permitting. The road is quite narrow and challenging for the new driver.

Chesterfield Road crosses Stanwell Road as a staggered junction offset to the left on its way to Woodthorpe Road. There are a number of side roads along this route and if there is space for the reverse to the left, they are all very sharp corners requiring as much as full lock to steer reasonably close to the kerb.

On the road

Driving instructors in Ashford, with their pupils emerging on to Woodthorpe Road, need to be quick as it is blind to the right with very limited observation. Once the decision is made a prompt exit is necessary in case a vehicle appears from that direction. If emerging to the left it may be necessary to accelerate quickly to blend with vehicles approaching from behind. Driving under the the A308 Staines-by-pass leads to Kingston Road linking Ashford with Staines Town Centre. Celin Crescent next to this junction is okay for a sharp left hand reverse. The roads are very narrow though and driving tuition in Ashford could cause problems for other drivers if blocking the road.

The Kingston Road roundabout is a three way junction leading south to Laleham or north to the Fordbridge Roundabout. It is a busy roundabout intersecting with the A308 and leads to Ashford and back to the test centre. Manor Road off Fordbridge Road is a no through road leading to Ashford Manor Golf Course and can be used for the Ashford driving instructor to practise the parallel park and three point turn. It is a little narrow if there are parked cars on both sides of the road but could be a useful location for a controls and moving away lesson.

Church Road which is effectively the High Street has Parkland Grove to its left and here most parked cars are on the pavement in spite of no road markings to allow this. This could be deemed to be obstruction and a parking fine is a real risk for the local residents. There are opportunities here for the Driving School in Ashford to practise left/right turns and emerging and this could be developed to a traffic light junction, turning back into Church Road and returning to Parkland Grove.

Off Feltham Hill Road, the corner with Rex Avenue and Gilmore Crescent is an ideal reverse to the left location for the driving instructor in Ashford with a local circuit taking the Ashford driving school car back out again. Feltham Hill Road crosses the junction with Convent Road and School Road and heads off to Sunbury.

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