Driving Lessons in Addlestone

Learning to drive with Hamilton could not be more fun or easier. We offer driving lessons in Addlestone and our driving school has been teaching students in the local area for over 15 years.

Each of instructors is extremely well qualified, friendly and experienced. You can see from our recent reviews what our driving instructors are like.

Getting your first driving lesson booked could not be easier. All you need to do is get in touch via e-mail or call us. We will then do our best to find you the most suitable instructor based on what type of lessons you would like (manual or automatic), if you'd prefer a male or female instructor and what times you would like your lessons each week.

Once booked, you can start getting prepared for your first lesson. Some students start with us after practising with their family whilst others come along having never been behind the wheel before.

For your first lesson, we like to take students to a quite road where there won't be much traffic. This provides a quiet, relaxed environment for you to get behind the wheel. You can then adjust the mirrors and seat to ensure you are comfortable and then start getting familiar with the car's controls.

When ready, you can move off in first gear and we will practise a few basic steps such as moving up through the gears, steering the car around corners and indicating. We may then move to a slightly busier road so that you can get a first taste of driving in normal conditions.

As your driving lessons progress your driving instructor will ensure that you are capable and confident with every driving manoeuvre. This includes driving in built-up areas, following directions, parallel parking, hill starts and three-point turns. We will make sure that you are a fully rounded driver and fully prepared for your driving test.

Your driving instructor will give you an idea of when to start booking your theory and practical tests. Depending on the time of the year, there can be long waiting lists but if you are unsure, always ask as your instructor will have a rough idea of the waiting times.


  • Complete driving lesson according to DSA outline
  • Friendly driving instructors
  • No car sharing
  • Free local pick-up
  • DSA approved learning material
  • Thorough practise of driving during all lessons
  • Taste of all type of road conditions and layouts during learning.
  • Each of our driving instructors are fully qualified and DSA approved to ensure that you learn to drive in a fun, cooperative, friendly and relaxed environment.
  • We want you to develop the safest driving skills and the best driving habits at the best possible price.

Contact Us

If you are ready to start your driving lessons in Addlestone or would just like more information, please get in touch with our team. We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have. You can call us on 0800 804 6899 or e-mail us at info@hamiltondriving.co.uk


Instructors Wanted!

We are recruiting driving instructors to join our team. If you are already qualified then please get in touch or if you are interested in becoming a driving instructor, you can find out more about our instructor training courses.