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Learn How To Reverse With These Easy Steps

Driving on is simple, reversing is oddly more difficult. Whether you have to park in reverse or drive out of a narrow lane, reverse gear is the alternative. Most people avoid reversing; some will go round a block just to park facing the direction that they'll exit from. This doesn't have to be so, reversing can be made easy and involves some patience and perseverance.

Reverse parking is the one part of the driving test which makes most people more nervous. Even when you’ve got your license, reverse parking may be a sweaty-palm test. No one enjoys the feeling of attempting to place your car in a gap between two other cars while bad-tempered motorists pile up behind us. There’s a real talent to reversing, which just comes with time. The key is practise, practise, practise.

Here are a few easy suggestions to prevent a dosage of the reverse parking anxiety:

  • Locate a suitable space you could safely get in and out of
  • Slow down, signal, assess your blind spot and pull up alongside the car you're parking behind
  • When you pull up alongside the vehicle you're parking behind, make certain there's about one meter between your car and the car next to you
  • Park in a way that your vehicle's passenger side mirror is in line with the car behind you
  • Put the vehicle in reverse gear, check all of your blind spots through the mirror
  • Put the steering wheel in an anticlockwise position and slowly start to reverse your automobile. Continue to assess the left passenger side mirror and the front left corner of your car to ensure you keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front
  • Continue turning at an angle until your back tyre is almost as close as required to the pavement. If your wheel touches the curb, you’ve driven in too far. Move forward by putting the car back in drive mode, and drive a couple of feet away and try again. You should also make sure the rear end of your automobile is a safe distance away from the front of the car behind you
  • As you complete the reverse, straighten your front wheels by putting your steering wheel in the clockwise position
  • Eventually, move forward in a straight line to finish the parallel park.

The secret to driving in reverse is to take things slow and use your eyes always. The car will go where you look, so keep your head up and look beyond what’s right outside the rear window. Remember that your eyes allow you to direct the car – target high and look where you need to go. Keep it safe, and remember that practising will make you better.


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