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The 5 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Driving Instructor

Before tackling the process of learning how to drive, you'll need to select a driving instructor. Once you've gone through the process of choosing a bespoke instructor, getting the most out of your lessons becomes the next priority. Asking your instructor the right questions during your driving lessons is crucial to your long term success and the following queries are the most important.

  1. "What Have I Done Right?" - Learning to drive is not easy and you'll definitely want to ask your instructor what you are doing right, so that you can increase your self confidence. Once you've had a few lessons and the instructor has had time to properly gauge your strengths and weaknesses, ask them what you can build on going forward.
  2. "What Areas Do I Need To Improve Upon?" - Knowing what you're good at is great, as it will help you to develop a higher level of confidence behind the wheel. But it is important to ask what you are doing wrong, too. Don't be nervous about asking these types of questions, the instructor is there to help you, not shout at you and make you feel small. There are definitely going to be things that you will need to improve on in order to become a good driver and if you do not take a proactive approach and inquire with your instructor, you will not learn as efficiently as you could.

  3. "What Will Happen During My Driving Test?" - One of the greatest benefits that a driving instructor can offer is a professional level of insight into what to expect during their driving test. No one likes surprises, especially not during a moment of great importance and your driving teacher is typically more than happy to allow you to pick their brain about the process and what you should be watching out for.

  4. "Can You Give Me A Mock Test?" - The driving instructor is not going to be able to fully replicate the test that you will take, but what they can do is give you a mock simulation of what the test will be like, so that you are not taken aback when the big day finally arrives. A driving test is also not free, so you may want to ask your instructor for a free mock test, as this will allow you to avoid the indignity for spending additional money on multiple exams.

  5. "Will You Remain Available?" The process of learning how to drive does not begin and end with receiving your license. In all likelihood, you will still need a refresher course every now and again. Take a moment at the conclusion of your driving lessons to ask your instructor if they are willing to remain available to you for further pointers and additional tips when needed.


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