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What makes a good driver?

In our latest blog about driving lessons and learning to drive, we talk about the factors that make a good driver.

Few of us can wait and as soon as we get to our seventeenth birthday, we cannot wait to get behind the wheel and start learning to drive but few of us appreciate what skills it really takes to become a competent driver, until we're much older.

  • Patience
    The first and the most important quality of a good driver is patience. Most road traffic accidents are caused by impatience. Impatience can lead to several unpleasant occurrences. Impatience leads to over-speeding and you know the likely consequences of over-speeding.

    It is also impatience that will make a driver try to beat the traffic light or refuse to stop on seeing the red light. This act alone can lead to a head-on collision with a vehicle going across as your own red light means a green light to some other motorists coming across.

  • Discipline
    Every driver has to have some level of discipline if he wants to succeed in passing his driving test. It is discipline that will prevent him from disobeying traffic rules and regulations. It is also discipline that makes him obey traffic officers. Not only that, it also helps a driver prevent himself from taking dangerous decisions like driving under the influence of alcohol.

    In fact, some drivers do not get drunk at all, whether he is planing on driving or not just-in-case an emergency arises.

  • Responsible
    A good driver takes responsibility for all his actions whether behind the wheels or not. It is true that nobody is beyond making mistakes but a good driver admits his mistakes, takes responsibility and also makes necessary corrections to prevent something similar happening again.

  • Keeping sharp
    Staying alert behind the wheel is highly important. Do not let yourself become distracted with the radio or making calls whilst in the car. Believe it or not some people carry on their lives as if they were not driving - even eating or putting on make-up whilst travelling at 70mph!

  • Proper care
    A very good driver ensures that his vehicle is in top condition all of the time. If there is a fault and he can’t fix immediately, he does not use the car until the fault is fixed. Imagine driving car with a faulty horn. Isn’t that the height of carelessness?

If you need a driving instructor, why not talk to our professional, friendly and helpful team of instructors? Give us a call today and we can help answer any driving related questions or book your first lesson with us.

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