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Dealing With Roundabouts Successfully

Britain’s streets and thoroughfares are littered with the often dreaded roundabout. The sometimes difficult part of the roadway system in the United Kingdom is a result of the development of cities and towns as market centers as far back as people have inhabited British soil. The cultural and historic significance of roundabouts does not make them any easier to negotiate while driving.

Roundabouts come in two varieties. The single roundabout is confusing and the double roundabout is a terror to some drivers regardless of their age and the level of their experience. The problem with roundabouts is that a driver needs to look in at least four directions at the same time. There are more accidents in roundabout traffic than any other road hazard in Britain.

A driver can go to the extra trouble, waste of time and expense to avoid roundabouts completely. A much more sensible and safer approach is to get some driver training. The objective of training is first of all, safety. Training can build a driver’s confidence so that they need never fear the mysterious intricacies of the roundabout again.

These are the qualities you need to look for in a driving training course that helps you with negotiating roundabouts.

  1. Understanding
    The fear of negotiating a roundabout is very real to some people. While many drivers may boast that there is nothing to figuring out a roundabout the person that has problems with them needs an understanding driving instructor. Instructors that are aware of your fears and has the empathy to help you overcome those fears is a must.

  2. Experience
    Safe and successful driving comes from experience. Driving instruction must have a broad range of experience in driving and teaching in order to accommodate the needs of any driver who needs instruction. Age does not guarantee that a person is a safe driver and youth is no barrier to the benefits that driving instruction provides.

  3. Personalization
    Every person is different and each person approaches the driving experience with a different set of skills, a different attitude and a different perspective. You need a driving instructor who understands you. The instructor must take the time with you that is necessary to understand your apprehension about roundabouts or any other aspect of driving. The more an instructor knows the better they can tailor their instruction to you so honesty on your part is imperative.

  4. Consideration
    A driving instructor needs to be available when you are. The instructor should have ready answers to any of your questions. The instructor must have patience and be able to show you what driving skills need improvement without making you feel silly or stupid.

Most drivers in the UK dislike roundabouts if they are truthful. Driving instruction and training is the most effective and safest way to learn to do the roundabout successfully.

Whether you've started learning and you're ready to take your test or perhaps you're a new driver and need to start from the beginning, why not contact our team of driving instructors to help answer any questions?

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