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Driving Instruction For Temporary Residents

People from all over the world come to the United Kingdom to work. The rules of the road in the UK may be different from the driving practices in other countries. People who come to the UK to work and stay longer than one year have to get a British driving licence.

While tourists, immigrants and people from other countries know how to drive a car, they really need driving instruction to prevent accidents and reduce the cost of any car insurance they may have while in the UK. The top complaint of any visitor to the UK is that we drive on the wrong side of the road to which we politely respond that others drive on the wrong side of the road!

Visitors to the UK need to take these steps with the assistance of a driving instructor and driving lessons in the UK.

  1. Type of car
    You need to decide what type of car you will be driving while in the UK. Telling the instructor the model of car and the type of gear shift allows the instructor to adapt the training to your needs. You learn more quickly and experience less frustration.

  2. Your time frame
    The instructor needs to know the period of time that you plan on being in the UK. This allows the driving instructor to tailor the lessons appropriately. People who plan on being in the UK for longer than a year will need preparation for taking the driving test.

  3. Your schedule
    Driving instructors need to know when you are available for training. This knowledge not only allows the instructor to prepare for you but gives you the flexibility to fit the needs of driving instruction into you busy schedule of work and acclimation to your new life in the UK.

  4. Your driving experience
    A driving instructor needs to know the level of experience that you have driving a vehicle. This allows the instructor to plan the most efficient course of instruction that prepares you to drive safely.

  5. Your country of origin
    The instructor needs to know the country that you come from. This allows the instructor to plan a smooth transition for you to be fully competent in driving in the UK.

  6. Language barriers
    Your driving instructor must know if you are not fluent in English. Accommodations can be made to include a translator in your course of driving instruction provided that you supply the translator and pay for their service of necessary. Extra precautions may need to be taken if a second person will be in the vehicle during the training.

Driving lessons for people who are not residents of the UK is not mandatory but it provides the assurance of safety and the preparation for obtaining a UK driving licence.

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