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10 Tips To Help You Pass Your Driving Test

After successful driving lessons comes the driving test. This test is considered a passport to freedom and it’s an important rite of passage. To some people, it may prove difficult to handle. Here are ten tips that will help you pass your driving test.

  1. Practice often
    It is recommended that learners practice driving for about 45 hours with a professional trainer and 22 hours by themselves. Ensure that you practice with a driving instructor that you are comfortable with. When you are home, practice with a relative who is an experienced driver.

  2. Warm up
    Before the test, plan a lesson, so you don't drive without warming up. This will also help you scope out obstructions like local congestion, new roadworks and potholes. You will be completely prepared when it's time to take the test.

  3. Think positively
    Have a positive outlook before entering the test centre, just believe that you will pass. It may be difficult but try creative visualisation. Close your eyes and imagine yourself driving on the route without making any mistakes. Also imagine the potential obstacles that could affect your success.

  4. Relax
    Being nervous before taking a driving test is normal, so relax. If you can’t relax, take deep breaths and count to 10 each time you feel nervous. You can try this severally and its guaranteed to help you relax.

  5. Be comfortable in the car
    Ensure that you are comfortable in the car you use for the test or it could be the car you’ve been practicing with. You should feel completely comfortable in the car and with the controls since they will enable you move and change gear smoothly.

  6. Know the route
    Before the day of the driving test, do your homework and study the area around the spot of the test. However, it's important also to master every other road and not just the one for the test. This will prepare you for life after your driving lesson test.

  7. Avoid common mistakes
    The common driving test mistakes include inadequate observation during reverse, not checking side mirrors, poor positioning at roundabouts and junctions, and excessive speed.

  8. Be ready for everything
    It’s important to avoid surprises, so be ready for anything that could happen on the day of the test. Try driving at different times during the day and in different weather conditions and where possible, slippery and icy conditions. This way, you will be prepared for the test in whatever form it takes.

  9. Ask when you are in doubt
    During the test, don't be afraid to ask the examiner if there is anything that you do not understand. Also, ask the examiner to repeat a question if you did not hear it correctly.

  10. Keep your eyes only on the road
    When taking the driving test, remember to focus on the road ahead. You shouldn’t look at the examiner or try to peek at their notes to know how well you are doing. Doing so will make you lose concentration. Make use of mirrors and be aware of the environment.


Whether you've started learning and you're ready to take your test or perhaps you're a new driver and need to start from the beginning, why not contact our team of driving instructors to help answer any questions?

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